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Anyone has a baby isco 8 1.5x for sale (iscomorphot / iscorama)

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I have a Moller 19 1.5x I was about to post up on EBay with a small 52mm +.5 diopter for $900. It is nearly identical in size and weight to the Isco 8.

In good condition. Some scratches on the body and cleaning marks on the rear element but doesn’t look to affect images quality. 24mm rear thread/larger 39mm front thread.  I didn’t get a clamp set for it yet or fully test, but in the process. I have too many lenses and not a lot of time, so let me know and I can send more pics if you are interested.









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any idea if that would work ok on a bm p4k which is m4/3 ? if it did i could be tempted

edit : i mean would it vignette or not ? as i am rather curious. more edit :  found a review Tito Ferradans seems to like it and it should be ok on a m4/3 so if the other dude doesn't want it. i would be interested. by the way do you have another image of the back element that sixth image looks kinds bland

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Yes. I am selling to first person who wants it. It works perfect with M43 sensor. I have a GH5 and it works with 30mm taking without vignetting. But I haven’t done full testing of it. I don’t have clamps or know the best taking lenses to pair with it, so it’s hard to know what combo works best for each camera. I’m selling because I want to buy a better taking lens for my century 1.33x that I use a most of the time. 



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