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  1. FOR SALE: Schneider Cine-Digitar 1.33x Mark I Anamorphic Lens $2200 Like new. Optics 10/10 Body 10/10 -Perfect Optics/Perfect Body -No scratches, fungus or separation -Perfect Fuction -Front Focus Adjustment Has similarities to Isco 16:9 Video attachment and Iscorama 54 -Smallest of Schneider Cinedigitar Anamorphic Adapters -Includes custom 15mm Rail attachment to mount in front of taking lens. -Perfect for larger diameter prime lenses. Can go as wide as 25mm on Panasonic GH5 or 40mm, maybe 35mm on full frame sensors but not tested. Measurents: 75mm rear element 85mm rear diameter 100mm rear outer housing 97mm front element diameter 102mm front outer diameter 1.1kg weight * I have better quality pics and test shots if needed! PAYPAL INVOICE OR VENMO ONLY BUYER PAYES INSURED SHIPPING AND ANY ADDITIONAL PAYPAL FEES *PM Me with any questions or for additional info
  2. FOR SALE: Moller 32/2x Anamorphot Anamorphic Adapter In Good Condition 6/10 $500 Cosmetic: 6 Has scratches and wear on outer body. But none of the cosmetic imperfections affect the over-all lens performance. No dents or damage to the lens body that affect performance. The focus is a little stiff, but nothing a tune up and grease won’t fix. The front focus gear does need to be lubed, greased and the front element could be dialed in with a focus chart for sharper image. But the lens functions properly. Optical: 7 Has a scratch on the front element and cleaning marks on the rear element. It also has wear on the inner housing that gives veiling when hit with direct beam of light. I don’t have all of the equipment or time to tune up this lens but I can send tests shots if requested. Notes: Very unique Moller 32/2x black non-coated version. Old lens with imperfections, but the imperfections of this lens make it very unique and give it a very unique character.
  3. Yes. I am selling to first person who wants it. It works perfect with M43 sensor. I have a GH5 and it works with 30mm taking without vignetting. But I haven’t done full testing of it. I don’t have clamps or know the best taking lenses to pair with it, so it’s hard to know what combo works best for each camera. I’m selling because I want to buy a better taking lens for my century 1.33x that I use a most of the time.
  4. I have a Moller 19 1.5x I was about to post up on EBay with a small 52mm +.5 diopter for $900. It is nearly identical in size and weight to the Isco 8. In good condition. Some scratches on the body and cleaning marks on the rear element but doesn’t look to affect images quality. 24mm rear thread/larger 39mm front thread. I didn’t get a clamp set for it yet or fully test, but in the process. I have too many lenses and not a lot of time, so let me know and I can send more pics if you are interested.
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