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Sony A7Riii Chroma Noise & Artifacts in Landscapes??


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I was looking to get an A7Riii for my landscape stuff, since they are so cheap now and I want to do a few prints (mostly do online content). I downloaded some raw files and I was getting dejavu of my freaking eos r I had. I started seeing chroma noise in the shadows at even +1 stops in a few shots (mostly shooting towards bright light source). I also had some weird stuff happen when color grading one of them for fun & the clouds turned into f!$@ing cartoons! Looked like low bit depth on the clouds, don't know how that's possible? I exaggerated the color grade a little bit to show you what was happening (balloon img). Then I saw some odd artifacts randomly in a few shots, looked like that star eater problem, but just on a city shot (brighter lights). I don't see these problems on my 1DX ii? Should I just get the new Fuji medium format for landscape work? Disappointed in the files I messed around with on the A7riii... it seemed to do much worse past base iso when working with the photo too (compared to 1DX ii). 

I had googled the Chroma Noise thing and saw some odd stuff that dpreview people post. One guy states a ton of stuff I didn't bother to read, he says that the dual pixels are better than the "dummy" sony ones.. Don't know if I believe that lol. Does anyone actually know about this stuff? https://***URL removed***/forums/thread/4347344?page=4#forum-post-62042172

Not trying to hate on Sony, I just want to find something that performs like the 1DX ii has for me, but with more MP. I know the 5DS/5DS R exist, but they don't have the iso performance I would want. Seriously looks like a classic 5D IV or Medium format for what I want? D850 is supposed to be good, but I don't want to buy Nikon Glass; Sorry Nikon, I don't have faith in you lol. 

1DX ii similar situational shot


1DX ii + 5 stops exposure 90% zoom (I don't push that far under normal use)


A7riii untouched img


A7riii + 4.5 Stops Exposure 80% or so zoom (I saw the Chroma at +1.2 stops)



A7riii weird handling of highlights when grading (never seen this on any camera, Balloon is fine still)


Eos R +2 Stops Exposure (look at color bands through shadows and even middle of frame on lighter section)


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I can shoot at 2500 iso or higher on the 1DX & don't see that? I don't always have time to setup a tripod if its slightly too dark, I might be snowmobiling or something for hours and won't carry one every time. Downloaded tons of raws over the last day and imported in sporadic batches, not saving to a specific folder so I didn't really keep track of everything in lightroom. I did see chroma noise at base iso as well, I will go try to find them again sometime, deleted most after seeing posterization..

Didn't know this was a thing, until I was seriously considering the purchase to do larger prints. Just google A7Riii/A7Rii chroma noise or "colored noise/color speckle", lots of stuff on it apparently. Didn't read much of the thread I linked (did see chroma noise @iso 100 in the sky on his), there are many like it I came across.

Not trolling, I said the 5DS/EOS R are not up to the standards I am looking for and even linked an example of the EOS R taking a crap lol. I think the Fuji GFX 50 series cameras look good from the raws I went through, not sure if I want to drop 10k on it with lenses though. A7Riii was just a little mod to the Rii; I expect the A7RIV will release this year and will be the best sensor for awhile. 

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That photo had tons of light on the Sony, you can even see lots of detail in the trees (shadows) before raising exposure, compared to the original example I gave. But I know you were hung up on the iso 2500 thing, here is a 1DX ii shot at ISO 5,000 with almost NO light, shot at night. Like I mentioned, I don't push shadows past +2 stops 99% of the time, but I said that I saw colors in the shadows at 1-1.5 stops on That sony img. I see it at less with the eos r (dumpster fire). 

BTW, I said Chroma Noise, do you know what that is? ?

Pushed to 4.5 stops like I did on the sony, don't see any chroma noise or banding and I have never seen posterization or artifacts in any of my 1D pictures. Don't know why people think sony is infallible? 



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