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Annnnnnd another one bites the dust...

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4 hours ago, Shirozina said:

ISO is meaningless when comparing LOG to ready to use profiles. LOG at a base 3200 ISO and a ‘normal’ profile at base 100 ISO both require the same exposure in terms of shutter speed and aperture using and ETTR method. ISO is a leftover from photographic film practice and should have been binned years ago......

Exactly this is why camera manufacturers should give us an option to choose between gain and ISO.

ISO is totally useless and to an extent a pain in the ass when compared to the simplicity of DB Gain.

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Yeah but it won't change a damn thing on a camera. Steps are steps no matter ISO or Gain. And Photos have Never been associated with Gain. Took me years to get my head around ISO when they changed it from ASA LoL.

Plus I am not too sure Gain even correlates between different camera manufacturers? Is 16db the same on a C200 as a FS7, a Red Raven??

But yeah it is confusing if you move between consumer cameras and Pro gear.

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