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Magic Lantern Progress on the old beast Canon 5d2


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Reddeercity is making progress with the Canon 5d2.. Read below if interested...

Link:  https://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=19336.300

Reddeercity most recent post:

Ok got 4096x1074 @ 18fps working -- It's almost useable as is  

Needed to add CMOS[2] 0x10E ->0xE (same as full width 5632)

A & B Timers setting for 18 fps

For same reasons mlv_rec in crop_mode cut off the 48 pixels from 4096 to 4048 , not sure why .


If you look at the dng from the image _dump it's 4104x1074 and there no black space on the right side like the PNG . 
4104x1074_image_dump-RAW-020.png used dcraw to export a ppm them saved it to png with Irfan View

4096x1074-M02-2240_000000.dng Cdng exported from MLVFS (quick mount)
there a 48pixel black area on the right , thinking the problem is mlv_rec  , I see in the code there's a 160 pixel crop , so may be change that to 100 maybe


Code: [Select]

Subfile Type                    : Full-resolution Image
Image Width                     : 4264
Image Height                    : 1127
Bits Per Sample                 : 14
Default Crop Size               : 4104 1075
Active Area                     : 52 160 1127 4264


Code: [Select]

Black Level                     : 1001
White Level                     : 16200This is also interesting , can the black level really be 1001 ?
Image looks great , so I guess this is ok , but strange -- I recorded  at 10bit .

Recorded a short .mlv about 10 seconds exported it to h264 from mlvproduder 4096x1074-18fps-M02-2240.mov

So close now to 24 just need 6 more frames per second .

Now it time to work on Lossless compression , since I'm close to having the presets done.
So far I have ,  full liveview , 2880x1080, 3168x1330, 5632x1074 ,4096x1074
I'm thinking of added some of the near full height in 2k mode e.g. 2144x1842 or 2144x1586.
I would like to add 48 FPS in FHD (1856x720) but it's too unstable right now , need a lot of work yet.

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Honestly full sensor normal raw mode on the 5d mark II is super cinematic, even with the moire and aliasing. I actually prefer the image to my g7 4K output.  The only reason I’m not shooting on 5d mark II with ML is because while the raw video looks really cinematic, the h264 image is crap. To get even decent IQ I would have to go through the RAW workflow, while my g7 in 4K or 1080 gives a good image without crazy file sizes or a long, lengthy workflow. 

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