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Fuji X-H1 Firmware Update 1.10


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Finally did the update for the new X-H1 firmware yesterday.  Here are my first impressions:

  • Autofocus in AF-C is leaps and bounds better.  My test shots on some birds and physically walking up to and away a moving subject were very good.  Using the 16-55mm zoom lens it was able to accurately track my wife walking around the yard watering plants while I slowly walked from one end of the yard to another.
  • Auto ISO transitions are super smooth and almost imperceptible. While I rarely use the Auto setting for video, it's nice to know I could use it in a conference or presentation situation and be okay.
  • IBIS is slightly improved.  Using the fuji 16-55mm, a 45mm minolta and 55mm super tak I didn't find as many huge jumps and shifts while panning.  I'm sure this will be the focus of their next update.
  • The overall system stability seems to be worse.  I had 3 write errors happen while just messing around with the camera. All three happened while shooting in manual with peaking turned on.  I'll be testing this more.

Here is a link to the firmware if you're looking to upgrade


Overall a really good firmware update, looking forward to the '2.0' update that is rumored for September


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Yes, agreed... AF-C is much better. Cant say much for Auto ISO as I don't use it. I have never had an operational issue with my XH1, and I shoot Manual with peaking on all ways.

All that said, my XH1 with battery grip kit is for sale. While I love the camera, I have recently upgraded some other gear, and am selling the XH1 to lighten the load. LOL

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