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Vimeo Export - Best Settings

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Hi folks, just readying an export to Vimeo.

My usual settings had been:

2560x1440, 90 CBR, 1 Keyframe 24 frames.

This gave me a file that is about 5.23 gb for a 10 min clip. Vimeo will accept the small amount more than my 5gb account.

Now the clip I want to export is 18 min and the above settings would render a clip that is 10gb

Lowering the 90CBR to 34CBR renders the clip to 5.23gb.

Can anyone comment on my settings? Do I have the best possible?

On a side note, after I began using these settings (2560x1440, 90 CBR, 1 Keyframe 24 frames) I noticed that the only player that I have that would play these export smoothly is Quicktime Player 10.2. Any thoughts on why a player like VLC struggles to play a clip exported with these settings smoothly? Is the bit rate too high? Is it the keyframe distance? Anyone?



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I always export to h.265 now, since Vimeo accepts it for upload. Basically as a rule I just push the bitrate as high as it can go to whatever gets me the closest to that 5 GB upload limit. It is usually quite a bit slower than exporting to h.264 of course, but theoretically the hevc codec offers far higher quality at the same bitrate than h.264, so for me it's perfect as a delivery/upload codec for the highest possible quality without astronomically large file sizes. 

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Thank you for jumping in Parker!

I'm still running CC2014 (for another few days anyway) so no h.265 yet but it sounds promising as a way to keep the quality up.

This 18 min render already takes around 8 hours or so on this 2013 Macbook... I wonder how much faster a new one could chew through it.

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Yep, h264 is really bad

here is an image of h264 export (1st) and h265 (second)

alot of banding and color shifts and contrast problems in h264


vimeo tests:




i also attached best! export setting for AME 2017. Small file size and really great quality after vimeo compression

its in russian, but you can see all radio buttons




If you want more, just set 10mbps cbr

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