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FS: Focus-trough ISCO Ultra-Anamorphic MC 2x


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Hi folks,

my ISCO 2x anamorphic lens is for sale. It has a metal clamp on the rear end with 72mm tread. The lens is quite heavy, 1400g so you have to use it on a rig, you'll also get a basic lens support attachment for your 15mm rods. 

The minimum focus distances and sharpnesses differ. On my GH5 + lens turbo I've got a very small (almost unnoticeable) vignetting with helios 44-2, with min. focus distance of 2.5m when shooting on f2. I did not have time to test it with longer lenses. 

The outside has signs of wear but definitely still in great condition, the inside is clean, no scratches, no marks, no fungus.

The lens got a focus-trough modification in Germany, so you only have to focus with your taking lens! The focus ring on the lens is still working, so double focusing is also possible.


PRICE: 370 euros + shipping fee (shipping from Slovakia, EU to the countries of European Union).

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me, skype videchat is also possible.





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10 hours ago, ken said:

can you tell us what are the modifications?

I don't know the exact mechanics behind the mod, but it is optical I believe and was added in Germany via a collector. I don't see why is it such a big "news", it's not a new or ground breaking technology. 

Here's a very quick test, but I will make a longer and detailed one soon :)


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