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Blackmagic Cinema Camera spotted in the "Non-Transferable" movie trailer


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Strange, I would have expected that scene from the trailer to be early on in the movie, yet forty minutes in and I haven't spotted a single BMCC! Hmmm... maybe it was in the trailer, but missed the final cut of the movie?!

Certainly feels like a fairly low budget production (sound is bad!! Well, by my standards), so yeah... quite likely it was shot on a BMCC as well?? Who knows. 

The first twenty minutes was quite bad, bland cheesy terrible low budget rom-com, but from the twenty minute period onward it improved quite a bit. As the two co-leads have great chemistry (and the male co-lead doesn't show up until 20 minutes in). 


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Absolute proof a BMCC was used for part of the film itself:

Although from watching that, and other BTS videos, seems a mix of cameras were used: Phantom + GoPro (for an underwater shoot!) + Panasonic GH4 + ...a Canon?! (but seems that might have only been for stills?! As I only see it on a neck strap, hanging around a guy's neck in the BTS videos. But never being used for filming with)

Oh, and I see a Beholder gimbal being used (with the GH4). 

Also, from watching the BTS it has become quite clear why the audio is sub par. 



10 minutes ago, Aussie Ash said:

Seems like quite a shrewd way to finance it .Does it do much to promote Turkey   ????

Indeed! Good way to make a film. 


Basically is a mix of tourism related funding or other sponsors (such as Land Rover) + featuring a few YouTubers (which helps then with sales). 

Smart way to go about it. 

And yup, it features Turkey a lot and a *LOT*!

But the great thing is it is done in a totally non-obtrusive manner, as it is just the setting where the film is. 




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Ahhhh ha..... very minor spoiler warning:

The shot with a BMCC in it, that is also in the trailer, appears right near the end of the film itself. 

Sadly I can see now it is a BMCC with an EF mount :-( Maybe that is why they needed the GH4! (for any and all wide angle shots)

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