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The correct way to expose for SLOG3 when using 8bit cameras


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FWIW I think you should try Andrew's Pro Log S. There's a certain "depth" that it has which SL3 just doesn't have. I'm seeing the same thing in your vids, @kidzrevil: in the SL3 shots there's less separation between people and background as with SL2. If anything, shoot how you want with SL3 to preserve code values in the shadows and then use a conversion LUT to transform it to SL2 and regrade and I'd be interested in seeing you share the results. I want to see if it's the increased contrast of the curve or if maybe the extra shadow codes are actually too much... not sure what it is.

(I have a comparison video I made for Andrew at https://www.eoshd.com/2017/09/user-reviews-test-films-eoshd-pro-color-pro-log/)

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@EthanAlexander wow this looks really good ! I know what you mean about depth it doesn’t have that punchy contrast that slog2 or the eoshd pro log has.It’s how the curve is built. I just expose all the way to the clipping point to get as much shadow detail as possible. Ironically I like the look slog3 gives with the “open shadows” because it looks surreal in comparison to how the scene looked to my naked eye. The shadows are lifted without blowing the highlights. Its flat looking but it isn’t so flat that it looks milky. I like that it focuses on midtone contrast and the saturation is gorgeous to me and gives a different look than the other in camera profiles. I guess its just another tool to add to the arsenal you know ? Im going to try out the eoshd pro log one of these days cause that look will definitely be useful on certain projects. Love that contrast

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