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Aronofsky's Mother! Post-watch discussion [spoilers]


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@Don Kotlos:

47 minutes ago, Don Kotlos said:

He said the following at the Toronto Film Festival: 

"But with 16 you have an immediate patina, an immediate abstraction, an immediate thing that makes it a piece of work"

And I wonder, could it be that this "immediate patina & abstraction" almost dictates a frame of mind and actually helps in the creative process? 

At least thats how I felt back in the day when shooting with T-MAX 400, and I guess a similar feeling could exist when shooting jpegs with the various film styles of Fuji or Olympus. Shooting RAW has its advantages but I see myself enjoying the process less and less.  

Every movie from Aronofsky (other than Noah), left a lasting impression so I can't wait to get my eyes on mother. 

Abstraction is an understatement for this film! Pi and The Fountain were a little abstract, Mother! takes abstraction to a whole new level. I think that's why the reviews are polarizing. If one views this movie literally or at face value, it's a bizarrely terrifying horror thriller and ultimately makes little sense.  When viewed as an abstraction, paying attention to the symbology, it works as quite an amazing experience. I was laughing during many parts of the film because I saw what he was doing, and it was amazing. Looking around others were horrified or puzzled. My fellow philosopher / psychology enthusiast friend, she was also giggling and got what he was doing.

On one level some scenes appear to be absolutely surreal and absurd. However he's doing an expose on materialism, narcissism, selfishness, control freaks, introverts, extroverts, police-military power / powerlessness, insanely dysfunctional families, cults, mob mentality, and religion (mother nature & God, Adam & Eve / Garden of Eden, Cain & Abel, great flood etc.). And perhaps most importantly, it's all illusion, especially romantic love and how psychopaths, who have no natural ability to love or have empathy, take advantage of deep empaths, who have deep ability to love and get taken advantage of by psycho/socio-paths. And ultimately he's making fun of Hollywood!

After watching the Fountain and Mother!, it appears Aronofsky has deeply studied psychology, religion, common (illusory) social constructs, and especially concepts of attachment and suffering from Zen/Buddhism. Truly a brilliant work with so many concepts compressed into a 2 hour film.

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1 hour ago, TheRenaissanceMan said:

Do we really need two topics on this?

It's internet etiquette to not reveal movie spoilers without warning. The other thread is about 16mm and technical aspects vs. the story (this thread).

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