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Best 50mm-ish lens to pair with Sigma 18-35mm


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1 hour ago, anonim said:

Well, I'm not sure about all remarks of so-call MrStupid, but I've found that Sigma Art series lenses indeed are too contrasty and price paid for first impression of clinically 'clean' image is, in fact, losing some fine latitude.

Well, firstly the guy was saying - as far as he was capable of saying anything coherently - that modern lenses trade "pop" for resolution. Which would seem to be the opposite of your experience of the Sigmas.

Secondly, that's just one modern lens design. Different makers go for different looks. Just as vintage Zeiss and Leica didn't look the same.

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Just for the matter of proper quoting of "MrStupid":

"A lens with great micro-contrast can produce a photograph that appears to be life-like and threedimensional despite it being unsharp or out of focus. A lens that excels only at sharpness (like Sigma ART, Zeiss OTUS and Milvus, Sony G-Master or Canon non-L lenses) cannot achieve such a feat."

So, this is not opposite of mine experience with Sigmas: slightly exaggerating sharpness of detail vs providing more color nuances (and impression of depth) - at the end, image looks very flat-ish. That's the reason why for me it wasn't easy task to match radically sharp/flat choice of Sigma Art lenses with anything else.

Although, of course, his statement that "Unlike measurable resolution, micro-contrast is perceptible not measurable" has a mystical taste :)

As @jsc already note, Shane Hurblut test give some more elaborate facts about topic. http://www.thehurlblog.com/lens-tests-leica-summicron-c-vs-cooke-s4-film-education/

Hurblut: "I felt the Leica was sharper... Cooke definitely was creamier and more three dimensional... The 3D quality is how far the background feels away from the subject and how the subject pulls away from that BG."

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