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Lens test Kowa Prominar 16 H - Sony Zeiss / Minolta MC

Dick Sweeney

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Heres a few lenses tested in stills mode - The Sony Zeiss 55 1.8 is sharp as - where as the Minolta MC 58 1.2 is loose and funky as hell. I need to get the Novoflex Minolta adaptor to iron out some of the issues - most of the funk lies at 1.2 - stopping it down reduces the life out of it - I think at F2 a happy medium can be struck although you loose those blacks which have that nice veiling flare.










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Thanks for sharing this information.

I really like my GH5 - Metabones Speedbooster 0.67XL - Minolta Rokkor PG 58/1.2 EOS mount and B&H Kowa 2X combination.

I use the great Rapido anamorphic lens clamp V2.

I recently purchased a Porst 55/1.2 in Pentax K mount.  Need to get a dremel tool to mod certain parts of the mount to have this fully useful for my configuration.  Hope to do this soon.

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So your Rokkor 58 1.2 ends up being .1.  or a  .95 !!!!    IS anything in focus with it wide open - I'm sure it would look lovely !  The Porst 1.2 should be nice - I need to play with mine a bit more - I wasnt that keen on the top and bottom edges being so soft..... but my test was very basic.


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Sorry, yes, it's the 0.64 XL Metabones I have.

Oh, yes, things are in focus.  *8^)   And yes, I shoot it at 1.2, though, i guess the B&H Kowa 2X would be the limiting factor, no?

I use the Rokkor 58/1.2 for the character.  I have yet to do any real work with this combo, just play. 

I am just a hobbiest, and suffer from a full time max stress job, so, I am still learning all of this.

Here is a STILL I took - Panasonic GH5 - Minolta Rokkor PG 58/1.2 EOS mount- Metabones 0.64XL Speedbooster - Bell & Howell Kowa 2X - cheap 4+ diopter

The full sized image dimensions are - 10368x3888


Hmm, looks horrible against a white background.


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Epic Buggz - I know how hard it is to get anything in focus with such a lens and then the Ana !!!! I just tested again with my new novoflex adapter - to see if there was more clarity and it certainly helps - although its not the sharpest combo - its certainly the most characterful.


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