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  1. Epic comment and observation - youve manage to put into worrds what I have been thinking and trying to make sense of. We are potentially becoming amplified mirrors of our worse selves......... I commented on this on FB maybe 5 years ago - so I watch a bit of UFC or MMA ( brutal yes - but the guys n gals know what theyre getting into ) but then i'm led to a street fight black on black - then another white on black - then women pulling hair and street brawling - then i'm in the Andes and its tribe on tribe all bloody in the dust with local costume for colour and flavour... then its street bums.... I catch myself laughing amused and cold. WTF have I become... FFS. So is this the desensitised programming before the call to arms ? Is this the call to arms to tear ourselves apart.
  2. Hey some advice please with my IS on my S1 - here it is snatching at 13 secs. My feet are planted on the floor - just my arms moving. I have the S1 and the kit lens in dual mode ( not IS Boost ). With the latest firmware for lens and camera - do you think this is my technique or the camera having issues ? Thanks https://vimeo.com/manage/359469997/general
  3. When all is said and done - and just a memory - then the original I think of a simple plot with big metaphysical questions that echo with me today - where as 2049 is a dense chunks of AV experience. The plot and subtleties lost on me - the experiential poetry though getting through. Me I'm going to make simple films that hint and much bigger questions delivered in a poetic way. Like the bald fat guy from India - he made his philosophy simple enough for all of humanity to take on board releasing people potentially from their caste and the bhramens to determining their own spiritual awakenings.... time do die !
  4. I loved the new film I was far from dissapointed - I was expecting the worse. Its dense non commercial, intelligent and technically excellent too..... I did feel that there was too much detail. I did feel the colours too out of the can..... they were washes over not built in lighting. BUT none of that is nearly as important as my thoughts on the questions I had the BIG METAPHYSICAL Questions I had after watching the original. Such things like - how long do we have - and what do we do in that time - does it make a difference about what we are as long as the feelings to us feel real. These things have lived with me most of my adult life - from seeing the film in my late teens. Those questions have shaped my life. Too pursue - to pounce on life while it is there...... to reach out in the time we have.... to believe in ones emotions. To live with some form of poetry at times - that is emotively based...... Now maybe my multiple sittings of the original has allowed me to distill those thoughts to the point where the message speaks bigger than the plot and vision. I did feel due to the experience of the new film that I was immersed in the world but was so engrossed that those big questions were hard to hear - maybe they werent there..... or maybe i should start rewatching it again. Either way the new film is fukcing impressive - it was never going to fill the boots of the original......... but its one of the best things Ive seen in ages.
  5. Yes and yes - it was all I had at hand before i did that trip. I have one on order now that should bring it all together with hopefully less vignetting. Which I kind of didnt mind for the this subject ie no nd - stopped right down and high shutter speeds - run n gunning and having some fun too
  6. Thanks Jonpais ! Just getting my head around the menu etc And discovered as if by magic the zebras - never even see them in the system before.................. I just did a little test and it seems that at 100% it holds well. My settings at Natural -3 -5 -5 -2 - with a lift of the shadows on the curve. And then if need I drop the shadows down in post a little. Although I dont mind with a recent test a bit of milkiness in the shadows.
  7. I'm amazed by this little camera - just loving the colour straight out with a tweak here and there. Just adapted by Minolta MC lenses via A Zhongyi Turbo 11 - such stunning render. But a quick question - are there Zebras in the camera or just the histogram ? FYI - what is impressing is that when i do clip the highlights - it doesnt go that shitty yellow colour which I hate.
  8. Had a very quick test with this - but I think I'm liking the look of this combo - the MC100 2.5. Next to try it on some more solid forms etc people buildings - non organic.....
  9. dropped a medium format camera off the top of some step ladders as I fell off on my first major ad campaign for a big london agency - was proud as i got up off the floor still holding the grip - thinking I;d saved the day - except there was no Pentax 6X7 attached. It had snapped off and fallen into a crowd ! Luckily the camera missed the people ! And then there was the time I had a winebago burn down to the ground on a re-shoot day ie a weather day that had to be paid out of our pockets. Mmmmmm then there was a time my camera shutter failed - and only new until getting the film back from the lab. I re shot the whole job again without the agency knowing it..... which involved models - h&m - styling and a huge fake Henry Moore Sculpture !!
  10. Love it = the flower shot OOF areas - the boats on the water - the city. SOund is great subtle atmos. I think it was worth it ! Not to sure of your end frame though...... but thats a minor point. Cant believe how big the file was...
  11. Sharpness is a bourgeois concept – Henri Cartier Bresson
  12. Looks awesome Keeesie65 - its so detailed - almost hyper real ! The focus pulls look smooth with the HCDNA. Is this all hand held ? Heres one with a bit more crafting and story. Less testing now. Going for it ! Although I think i need to monitor the focus a little and get hold of a diopter.......... this was with the Bolex / Zcrane gimbal / Pentax K 28mm 3.5/ EOSHD Col Prof / no grading
  13. Argghhh yes buggz - the big polaroid is nice - the B+W 665 plus the type 55 that you fixed on site was amazing tonal curves - along with those rebates on the edges - something special ! I can now do a faux version in my filter pack (FFS) ! I never owned a 10x8 but assisted on them many a times and did the polaroids too - 50 quid per sheet back in the day 30 years ago !
  14. One day there will be digital backs to fit your old cameras systems that you havent wanted to part with - a bit like NPC who made polaroid backs for many cameras that were not even modular systems
  15. Pentax 645D with manual Adaptor you can use Pentax 67 and 645 manual lenses cheap as chips. It's a 45 MP camera or there about. I own one. MIght sell it. I also have a large set of manual lenses. ITs a sealed unit so a lot less fuss and shit on the cheap. It's never let me down on a job. That should read shit on the chip.
  16. Heres one using the profile - super stoked with the colour. No additional grading has been added.
  17. So the Bolex on the Gimbal - with a Sony Fe 28 F2 lens ( its an AF lens but it manual - wide open ) - @100 FPS - conformed to 25 FSP - EOSHD Canon profile. No grading.
  18. Those big bags of scilica - to remove moisture at the end of the day or while stuff is stored away - so much moisture. I'd go a hand held point and shoot too - like a Sony RX100 - in a very small watertight case. As you'll be seeing stuff at unplanned moments - and you'll want to whip it out. Even in a small dry bag in your pocket. On the water light and atmospherics change second by second and its your ability to get stuff quickly. Ive spent about 10 years kayaking off shore and fishing for reasonbly big fish. And have shot stuff. Also again - a small point n shoot underwater camera might also be considered. It really depends on conditions..... but one salty splash on an unprotected camera could end things quickly. Also teathering camera cases on deck in case you roll....... check the seals daily for sand etc One speck could end things.... I'd go small peli cases in dry bags. For longer stowage trips.
  19. Adding paint on more paint - the Minolta 58 1.2 plus the Bolex - this time with a Novoflex adapter - for hopefully more critical focusing - but yep still hard to nail it. This is a sweet vibe - almost too much for stills but certainly has hope for the motion world. Yes soft - but the OOF areas look so different and organic - and the flairs can be radical - almost futturistic and techno......
  20. Epic Buggz - I know how hard it is to get anything in focus with such a lens and then the Ana !!!! I just tested again with my new novoflex adapter - to see if there was more clarity and it certainly helps - although its not the sharpest combo - its certainly the most characterful.
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