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Holymanta - the ND filter lens adapter

Andrew Reid

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This is a great idea. I can see only one problem. Since it's not a "smart" adapter, if you use EOS lenses then you're going to be shooting wide open all the time, adjusting exposure with the ND. That's fine and I do that a lot with my Schneider variable ND when I want to shoot wide open for minimum depth of field. But what if I want to stop down to increase DOF? To do that, the adapter would have to come off, I think.

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Today is the last day for funding the HolyManta VND campaign. Fund now and get the adapter at a  lower price compared to release this summer. Back the project now to get an interndal ND adapter this summer for your Sony NEX camera or Micro Four Thirds camera.




Best regards

/Thomas Läräng, HolyManta

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