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  1. My GH5 wishlist would give the camera internal OIS and that 20 megapixel sensor. So far the rumored specs are nice. With OIS I could do some hand held shooting when necessary with my Nikkor lenses and Speedbooster, so that's a big incentive for me.
  2. Very nice article. I wish that if we were discussing motion picture production we'd consider crop factors in terms of the 1.85 ratio cropped out of a vertical piece of 35mm film--ie., the "S35" crop that most people consider "full frame" when shooting movies. There are exceptions, of course, with VistaVision, and newer big sensors. Still, it seems more appropriate to me to look at, for instance, what lens you need to use on a GH4 versus what lens you'd use on an FS100 for the same shot. For many years I shot 16mm and then 2/3" chip broadcast cameras. A 25mm lens for me was reasonably close to
  3. I agree 100% with the article. I'm sure there's a market for a fixed lens camcorder, like TV news, etc. But nobody will use it for cinema work. All Panasonic needs to do is make the same thing but with an MFT mount. Then the world would love them again.
  4. This is a great idea. I can see only one problem. Since it's not a "smart" adapter, if you use EOS lenses then you're going to be shooting wide open all the time, adjusting exposure with the ND. That's fine and I do that a lot with my Schneider variable ND when I want to shoot wide open for minimum depth of field. But what if I want to stop down to increase DOF? To do that, the adapter would have to come off, I think.
  5. I bought a set of the Rokinon "cine" lenses for my Sony FS100. I unpacked the 35mm T1.5 first and when I checked it out on a product shot I was very impressed. It was as sharp as any lens I have, had excellent contrast and color. But then I started opening it up and it fell apart.   At T1.5 it was way too soft, and the color shifted so the whites had a slight yellowish case. The contrast also changed. At a T2-2.8 it was not as soft but still softer than f4, and the color and contrast still looked funky. Basically it is an F4 lens. Another thing is that when I compared it against my old
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