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  1. Hi everyone, yes the HolyManta VND is out - one thing to add is that it is not only for Sony NEX e-mount, but is also available for micro four third cameras: http://www.holymanta.com/products/holymanta-vnd-ef-mft Best regards /Thomas Läräng, HolyManta
  2. Very cool! When shooting in 1920×1280, is the raw image really sampled from the whole sensor or is it cropped down?
  3. Today is the last day for funding the HolyManta VND campaign. Fund now and get the adapter at a  lower price compared to release this summer. Back the project now to get an interndal ND adapter this summer for your Sony NEX camera or Micro Four Thirds camera.   http://fundedbyme.com/projects/1740/holymanta-internal-nd-lens-adapters/   Best regards /Thomas Läräng, HolyManta
  4. Hello everyone! I am happy to see you debating the concept here.   I just wanted to answer a few of your questions:   The reason why I went for Pol-Vari ND was that from the beginning I knew that an electronicly controlable aperture was not my field. So with e.g. a ND 0.3-0.6-1.2 variant that leaves you final adjusting your exposure at daytime with shutterspeed, since your ISO likely is set to the lowest possible. I didn't think that was flexible enough, and that would also mean compromising the shutterspeed which I wanted to be able to leave at 180 degrees. Plus - by always having that thought of "which one of those parameters do I want change know" you mind will be less present on the situation where you're at. And sure - all Vari-ND:s have flaws that can never be fully fixed, but I felt it was the best choice for people working fast.   Regarding color shifting (remember - all Pol-Vari inevitably suffers from this) please check out the HolyManta VND color cast test: https://vimeo.com/64344672   I'll try to stick around here to answer more question, otherwise send me a mail.
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