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Modified Lenses / Accessories that produce unique flares & bokeh

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12 hours ago, noone said:

Is that the Fotodiox Vizelex Light Cannon?


It started life as a cheaper Metabones Speedbooster substitute (actually more like a cheaper Lens Turbo substitute which is a Metabones Speedbooster substitute) but is obviously nowhere near as good so it "became" a "soft focus adapter" at a greatly reduced price and I think they were then giving them away with other purchases in the end.


I got one in Nikon to M43 mount when they became the "soft focus adapter"  for cheap but was still way over priced.

As it was originally intended, the Lens turbo is much much better (both being "dumb" focal reducers).

I was actually hoping to adapt it to my FF Sony with my M43 to E mount adapter but it doesn't fit in the adapter (adapter is too thin).

If you start with a REALLY sharp lens, it can be used I guess and it may well have some benefits for a soft look so I hang onto it instead of tossing it in the bin.


EDIT-     Just checked and it seems the Excel +1 is the IMPROVED replacement for the Light Cannon!!!!!!

Here is a test showing it with a Contax Zeiss 50mm f1.7 and a Panasonic G7.

Shots are 1.7 with a dumb C/Y MFT adapter, f1.7 with the Fotodiox, f2.8 with the Fotodiox and f4 with the Fotodiox.

As you can see, it does the field of view part right at least but sharpness doesn't make a comeback until f4


Fotodiox Test.jpg

Crop of the f1.7 with and without the Fotodiox.


Fotodiox Test Crop.jpg

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