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C mount lenses


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So with the announcement of the Black Magic Pocket cam, it seems inevitable that C mount lenses are going to be come very desirable. I'm not too familiar with them. Anyone know of any good resources for learning whats out there, or good places to buy? ebay? 


Favorite C mount lenses? 

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I've had mixed success with c-mount on the GH2 in 16mm crop mode.


Be aware that a lot of 16mm c-mount lenses won't cover Super 16mm especially the zooms, and that a lot of c-mount lenses are designed for digital 2/3" or smaller CCD sensors especially the newer CCTV stuff.


You should look to high quality vintage Super 16mm glass from the 60's and 70's but the prices are already quite inflated.


Switar 26mm F1.1 is very nice. Some of the Computar TV lenses from the 80's and 90's are very sharp.

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