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after getting into video world with dslr, few month ago wiht a Nikon d5100

i soon find out that that machine will not satisfy me anymore

So i discover the  Panasonic GH world

As i am tryng to stay budget i am considering to get a second hand GH2

Some people says, that gh1 is a good choice as save money for same performance of gh2

Of course there is GH3, expensive, but might be considererd may be wating some more time if really much better

What your opinion?

GH2 is worthy the extra money compared to gh1?

Is it much better trying to go for gh3?



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or i am considering reading here..nikon d5200?

i have a 55/200 nikkor wich i could reuse and generally being stucked to a brand like nikon means every investment in lens will be valuable

If i go to Panasonic and buy lumix lenses...would be terrific to switch back to a nikon product and waste all that lumix

but a part of this what about nikon d5200 as alternative?

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i would go for the gh2 aswell. the 14-140mm is a very good allround lens. not very fast, but still. you can still sell it later on without problems if you dont like it. another route is to buy the body only, and get old prime lenses, like the canon fds or by minolta. you will need an adapter, but they are worth it by all means. excellent picture quality. old zoom lenses are sometimes so so, its said the newer ones utilize technical improvements.


the 14-140mm also offers you OIS, so you can shoot handheld.

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