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iscorama, Voightlander & BMCC


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Hi all! I am looking at the BMCC M43, IF it ever comes available ;-) Is there anybody with a M43 BMCC yet? My question is : does anybody know if the Voightlander 25mm (f0.95) will work without Vign. in combination with original 1968 M42 mount Iscorama anamorphic 1.5x? I am hoping to pair the Voightlander with the iscorama on the BMCC using a Redstan clamp. (Great product Tony!) Tryed the Voighlander on the GH2 but 25mm is just to wide on de GH2 sensor. (Anybody tryed the GH3 with this combination?) The BMCC is even more cropfactor so i think it should work... Any experiences?

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Voigtlander 25mm you mean? F0.95?


Yes should work on the 2.3x crop.... Just!


I've tried it on the GH3. It covers the 2.0x crop of the sensor with my 1968 Iscorama with a very mild soft light fall off in the corners.

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Hi Andrew


Thank you for your mail. Great to hear that it will work with the GH3. (with slight vign.) I am looking foreword to read your review on the GH3. I hope to get my hands on a BMCC MFT very soon and try it out. Like you said, with this 2.3x crop it might work. That would be great! As soon as i get my hands on a BMCC and have tested it i will post it on this forum. I have a friend of mine going to Las Vegas (NAB) and maybe he can get some information from the BMCC guys first hand. (or even get a BMCC MFT...who knows...) That is IF Black magic have time to chat with him ha ha ha :ph34r:  I think a lot of people will chase the BM guys :angry: They have some explanation to do  ;)

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I'm still in the process of deciding which Cosina Voigtlander to buy, 17 or 25mm for use on the BMD Pocket Camera. I'd like to go with the 17mm; but in addition to that I also require a lens to be used combination with a Bolex 8/19/1.5x anamorphic. Would the 25mm fit the latter scenario?


A present, I do not own any MFT lenses and would like to start my collection with something rather special.

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