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Henry Gentles

New Ryzen 8 core 16 thread CPU

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14 hours ago, Stab said:

I am currently using a i7 3770 and I just finished a new short film project that I shot on the GH5. I realised that I sometimes get choppy playback in Premiere CC 2017 when I have 2 or more videotracks above each other in the timeline. Especially after some effects are applied.

Is your Ryzen machine capable of playing the native GH5 mov files without any stuttering when there are multiple clips on top of each other in the timeline? If yes, then it is time to upgrade :)

I've tried Sony Vegas, Premiere/Premiere CC, Pinnacle Studios, some "free" video editing softwares and all of those have lag or stutter issues with the live playback EXCEPT PowerDirector. PD was the only software that edited 100% lag and stutter free with my hardware for my GH4's 4K files. 

My Specs: i7-3820 @ 3.6mhz, 16gb DDR3 1600mhz Ram, 1070 SC 8gb, 120gb Corsair Nuetron GTX SSD

But the weird this is, all the software lags with ANY resolution video I used, even 144p stutters and lags with all the settings configured to try and help video playback / smoothness. I have a feel something NVIDIA Control Panel is overwriting a setting cause the lag in most of these software. I'm just glad PowerDirector works amazing, but lacks some features Premiere has. So it maybe your software rather than hardware you may need to change?

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