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Panasonic GH5 + Kipon Baveyes EF-MFT 0.7 Focal Reducer

Linus N

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Hey fellow GH5 owners!

When my pre-ordered GH5 arrived I was very sad to find out that my Metabones adapter was delayed for two whole weeks, they seem to be a rarity in Sweden atm. I called around to different retailers in Stockholm and found a place that had the Kipon Baveyes focal reducer in stock so I opted for it. Some initial impressions below and one big question - you won't believe what it is! #clickbait

So, the biggest caveat first: I can't get the stabilization to work with the focal reducer paired with a Sigma 18-35mm. The option for stabilization is greyed out in the menus. I've fiddled with different system frequencies, VFR on/off, stills mode, movie mode etc with no luck. Any tips? Latest firmware is installed in the adapter as well

Now the fun adapter stuff in no particular order (I've only had the 18-35 on the GH5 so far, will test with Tamron 35/1.8, Canon 24-105/4 mk1, Canon 24-70/2.8 mk2 today and see what happens)

  • AF for stills works surprisingly well with the 18-35, quick and accurate
  • 0 problems with zooming, focusing etc (none of the notorious camera freeze that one gets from zooming with the MB adapter)
  • Aperture control works flawlessly, albeit the display shows f1.7 as the lowest f-stop, I guess this is the adapter not translating the data to include focal reduction
  • The adapter has a slight wiggle to it on the camera side (1-2mm), lens mount is sturdy with no play whatsoever
  • The adapter is fully metal which is nice
  • I've been using MB adapters for so long that I really appreciate using a different adapter. Just placebo, but hey!

Happy to answer/investigate questions about the adapters integration with the GH5.

For ultra clarity I'll repeat the big question at hand: I can't get the IBIS to work with the Kipon adapter, tips? Give me your cameratelligence!

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You're not expected to dial in your focal length for the stabilization as apparently you're talking about an adapter with electronic interface that allows for communication between camera and lens? Not sure if that's what you meant and why it's greyed out? Can't you access which type of stabilization through the Quickmenu? Otherwise, not sure, I don't have any of the involved items. Could be that they still need to play catch-up as the GH5 is new and I believe the Metabones needed to iron out some kinks as well. (If you tape the electronics you might be able to use it as a full manual set-up with IBIS)

Sidenote. How are you finding the focal reducer? From what I've seen previously, the BAVEyes couldn't quite keep up with either dummy adapter from Zhong Yi Lens Turbo II and Metabones. Center sharpness seemed quite decent, but corner sharpness and chromatic aberration was the worst of the bunch.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Quick update here: I had projects to shoot so I returned the Kipon adapter and managed to get my hands on a Metabones SB Ultra which works flawlessly. I did send an email to Kipon and asked about the compatibility issue to which they responded that they'll fix it in FW eventually. I can't confirm nor deny whether it works with the 1.1 FW in the GH5 or not as I don't have the adapter anymore. 

So for anyone looking for answers it's inconclusive! I'd recommend keeping an eye on Kipon's update logs and try the adapter in-store if possible to see if IBIS and everything else works as intended with the adapter before purchasing it. Metabones is pricey but it works, which is more important if one is doing client work on a regular basis.

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