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Samyang 24mm F1.4 ED AS IF - Review

Andrew Reid

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As good as Canon’s renowned 24mm F1.4L? From Samyang? Maybe the title of the lens gives us a clue… AS IF.

In turns out those misguided initials aren’t such a bad omen but the lens – at $850 / £550 has some price competition from the much cheaper Sigma 24mm F1.8.

[url="http://www.eoshd.com/content/7024/samyang-24mm-f1-4-ed-as-if-review/"]Read full article[/url]

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My favorite aspect of Samyang lenses is their smooth/dampened focus rings. My Sigma 30mm 1.4's focus ring is absolutely terrible, very stiff and has a very short throw. My Rokinon 35mm is much preferred over the Sigma for smooth and controlled focus pulls.

I now own the 8mm, 14mm, 35mm and 85mm from Rokinon and definitely plan on picking up this 24mm. The Lenstip.com review really threw everyone off and caused many to cancel their pre-orders. I did, but more reviews are coming out in a positive light and I'm becoming more certain Lenstip received a lens with mechanical issues.

Would love to see some more example pictures at the wider apertures (1.4-4) as well as some video clips. Thanks for all the work you put into this blog/site. It's on my daily list of blogs to check for new quality content. 

Here's a link to a forum post with links to download raw files testing this 24mm lens if anyone is interested. They put it up against the Canon 24mm 1.4LII and the Zeiss 35mm 2. Comparing side by side the Samyang definitely holds its own. There are pros and cons to each lens but I actually preferred the distortion and color the Samyang produced with the building they were photographing.
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Some thoughts on your Samyang or Nokton dilemma...

Of course it isn't wide angle on the GH2.

The Nokton is sharper in the centre at F1.4 but softer in the corners compared to the Samyang.

The Nokton is smaller and an all metal construction.

It is faster, at F0.95 but costs more.

It comes down to budget. The Samyang will give a roughly similar result to the Nokton at F1.4, F2. But both are not exactly cheap lenses. As a fast portrait lens on the GH2, I'd go for a decent 35mm F1.4 or F2 instead and save a bundle of cash. If you don't mind the longer focal length the Olympus 45mm F1.8 is also very nice.
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Wow. Samyang did well. Have you tried the 14mm Andrew?
I recently tried out the Canon 14L and its excellent but don't want
to spend for that. I got the 24L/1.4 at a great price but interested in the Sam14....for extreme wide.
Guessing the 50/1.4 is Sigma's  best lens. The 30/1.4 is great if you can get the focusing down.
I like it for close-ups but not for distance shots.
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[quote author=TheOats link=topic=288.msg6072#msg6072 date=1339672517]
I read somewhere that there was a little "slack" (or whatever you call it) in the focus ring on this lens.
Is that true, and how bad is it?

I read that too in the Lenstip review, which didn't like the lens nearly as much as Andrew did.  I've been thinking of buying the excellent Samyang 35 1.4 for some time, but after reading the below test I think I'd pass on the 24 1.4.

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