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Cheap And Cheerful Focusing


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Picked one of these up as in impulse buy from the BVE show last week.




Obviously not a new idea and there are loads of similar things knocking about and,yes,its basically a reusable tie wrap with a piece of metal but I have to say that it works really well.


Of course its not going to replace a real follow focus setup but at £12 its a lot easier on your finances, a lot less hassle to set up in a run and gun situation and takes up infinitely less space in your bag than a full on system with rails.


I'm definitely going to get another one to use for zoom control and will certainly still use it for that purpose even when I'm using a real follow focus.


Also, because you can determine the position where the arm goes it might be possible depending on the focus throw of the two lenses in question to gang the arms to come up with a limited simultaneous focus solution for anamorphics. 


Full details here http://www.cameragrip.co.uk/acatalog/fzl_hague_follow_focus_zoom_lever.html


On a broader note, for anyone not familiar with Hague, they produce a broad range of equipment that is a bit utilitarian in appearance but is usually of decent quality and decent value for money particularly if you're in the UK where the import duty/VAT bumps up the price of the US gear. They do quite a lot of interesting bits and pieces for mounting cameras and fixit solutions that are well worth checking out. They are nice people too.


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Cool! A tenner. I have their cheap steadycam, works great.


I sold my follow focus because it was to much hassle setting it us and I could do better by hand! Maybe this is a got option for me...



I was thinking of picking up a "Hague DSLR Motion-Cam Stabilizer". But, apparently, cameras less than 900 gms would have issues with it. The site suggests using a " MMC Mini Motion-Cam". For a camera like the GH2, I am guessing, the " MMC Mini Motion-Cam" may be a better choice. 


Any suggestions?

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I have that mini motion cam one, It works with heavier stuff if you use some more weights... Once again it's not getting a lot of use so I may have to sell it, as with the RX100 and H4n


Ok, thanks for the reply. jghading, you're in UK? How much you selling your  'mini motion cam' for? Since I asked, first, I want the first right of refusal ...  :P


I have family in the UK, so that shouldn't be an issue  :)

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