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Taking Lenses - brands, version and mounts?


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Yes I'll give em a blast soon and post some examples. I don't have the 100mm though no,


It's quite common to mix anamorphic and spherical so it's not something to worry about I don't think. They're not the most practical things, even the super expensive ones, and getting the shot is more important than having everything anamorphic. Horses for their courses etc...


Ah Russian engineering... I swear whenever I touch a screwdriver something somewhere breaks and I develop new injuries. But maybe even I could fix these...

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Interesting about your experiences with Zeiss lenses.


Maybe it is to do with the effect on the entrance pupil when the scope is attached. Try looking through the scope from the front object side with and without the zeiss at the rear and cycle through the apertures.




Regarding mixing scope and spherical, ARGO is a good one, - they have scope and spheric going on in some of the same scenes

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I have not actively changed anything since registration. If you tell me how I can change it I will.




I have been trying to PM you with a question, but I'm getting an alert telling me that you are not receiving any messages. Do you have messaging disabled?

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just thought i'd update this thread regarding the contax 135 f2.8:


i've had an elmoscope 16 from before and that too didnt play well with the 135. but it has impact seperation and basically hasnt been serviced in years.


my shigascope also didnt play well, but that might have more to do with the way its mounted.


i got in an other elmoscope, one of the longer barrel ones similar to the elmoscope 16. it was covered in fungus so i had to open her up and take care of her. i put her back together again on a 50mm zeiss making sure the barrels were properly aligned.


on a whim i decided to try it on the 135 and well whatdayaknow,... this is at f2.8, which is working quite well, where as before i had to stop down to f8 before it gets anywhere close.

so i might need to just give my other anamorphics a once over, i dunno, but i'm glad i dont have to go shopping for another 135mm. 


hopefully someone finds this useful. 



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