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Sony a7sii or a7rii

Francisco Rios

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3 hours ago, Francisco Rios said:

Hi guys, can anyone help with these topic?

i got only manual lenses (nikon ais) .... so need help on viewfinder to focus....

also need 120 frames 

want to use for stills and video... i will use eoshd color profile....


If you absolutely need 120fps, go with the a7sii. It records 120fps at 1080p (with a 2.2X crop). The a7rii can only do 120fps at 720p. Also, if you plan on doing long takes in 4K, I think the a7rii might be prone to overheating. I don't own either camera, so someone who owns either of these cameras can correct me if I'm wrong. Here are three videos put out by B&H comparing both cameras for stills and video. 

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If you shoot in low light often, then the A7sii.     If not, the A7Rii.

The A7sii (and original A7s) are both very nice stills cameras I think and especially in low light.    I had (and loved) the original A7 too but as I shoot stills a lot in low light, I sold the A7 and kept the A7s.

What it (A7sii) is not, is a camera for pro sports shooters, or for AFC or if you need more than 12mp.      The A7Rii has a lot more spec for stills.

For video, if you ever want to use higher than ISO 25600, the A7R ii can not go above that, the A7sii can.

If you want to use auto focus with your manual focus Nikons, well you can even do that with the A7Rii the Sigma adapter (as long as the lenses are not too heavy).     

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