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Loupe or viewfinder for NX1/NX500?


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I bought one and doesn't fit, I tried some others from various friends, and they seemed to be optimized for dSLRs.

Can anyone inform me about any for one, or both cameras? 

I am trying to avoid the magnet solutions, as I see them fall easily when in action, but if you know any of those that work quite well, please.

Thank you.

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Yeah I have one of the cheap magnet ones for my NX500, but I rarely used it and eventually it did fall off. It was just kind of clunky and big to bring with me all the time, I like the nx500 for its pocketable portability, and hacked silent shutter. It's lack of an evf is the cam's biggest downside. The loupe was cool the one or two times I used it though, just for fun I combined it with a pistol grip handle on the bottom of the camera for a kind of hipstermatic/cinema verite rig, but I never really used it that much. 

I never bothered with one for the Nx1 just because of the EVF, never felt like I needed one. 

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Yeah I was rather taken with the idea after a number of users posted on here about the Redrock Retroflex rig a while back. That particular product is obscenely expensive for what it offers, so I thought I would make my own, but again, I only used it a few times. Definitely way more stable than just regular handheld with such a tiny cam, and you certainly feel legit.

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