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Looking for a cheap field monitor


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Hey everyone,


Im looking for a cheap field monitor, I dont need much, maybe focus peaking would be a plus, but not essencial. Its supposed to be used with my sony a7sII, so it should be able to support a 4k input, even if its displayed at 1080p. Any in particular you guys recomend? Preferably with 0 input lag, or close to 0.

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I've done a bit of research lately and here are my findings:

FeelWorld FW760 (look at my small review here)

Neway CT500H0 (OEM version of Ikan DH5e, seems to be the best of the bunch as far as specs, you can buy it here)

Ikan VL35 + viewfinder (the best solution if you want a monitor AND a viewfinder)

They all accept 4K. That's all they got in common. Sizes from 3,5" (VL35) to 7" (FW760). False colors, peaking, framing guides and histogram on all of'em.

Right under 200€/$ up to 300something€/$.

If you go over 300€/$ you're getting into Blackmagic Video Assist 5" monitor/recorder territory (you can find it used for around 400€/$) which has all the features mentioned above + LUTs support (latest firmware) and you get a recorder for free in case you need to streamline your workflow and prefer to work with ProRes files (albeit @1080p resolution) instead of Sony's codec.

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Speaking of Cinemartin - unlike the pessimistic users over at NFS. I bought a baseplate from them (a couple months back)... very honest and happy go lucky peeps... and being one of the first from redusers to buy a baseplate... they added an extra set of 15mm rods for free.

Would I buy from them again - yes.

Would I recommend them - yes.

Would I buy this particular product ($99 monitor) - not interested at present time.

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