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FS: Möller Anamorphot 32/2x + Rectilux 3FF-S


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Hello ana-scope lovers,

I'm selling my Möller Anamorphot 32/2x and Rectilux 3FF-S. This particular Möller is hard to find especially in such good condition. It took me over a year of searching (on and off) to get one in this condition, it looked like new-old stock when it arrived and had been stiff to turn as a result of sitting somewhere unused for years. I regreased it (when used in the olden days of double focusing) but not really important now as you'll have it set to infinity and using it with the Rectilux 3FF-S. The Möller is known for its sharpness and crazy blue/purple flares! 

The Rectilux is also in great condition and I've regreased it also as there was some slight vibration when focusing when I first got it so now nice and smooth. The Rectigrip included, I cannot recommend as it put a small dent in the barrel of the scope when tightened and also hard to gauge if front of taking lens is making contact with back of scope. There is a minuscule mark on the coating because of this but barely noticeable. I only noticed it when taking macro shots to sell the scope so I'm including an excellent Redstan clamp that does a brilliant job of holding it in place and prevents elements from making contact.

Also included are a Coupling Ring which connects the scope to Rectilux, a custom made lens gear for the Rectilux 3FF-S from Helicopter Sean and a thicker custom 3D printed pitch gear for your follow focus because of the long focus throw in and out. A PDF of Rectilux 3FF-S also included and a clamp most likely used for scope's original purpose and could somehow be integrated into a rig set-up, it's extremely solid.

Price: €800


Rectilux-Moller (6 of 8).jpg

Rectilux-Moller (7 of 8).jpg

Rectilux-Moller (5 of 8).jpg

You can just see the small indentation where Rectigrip made an *impression*

Rectilux-Moller (1 of 8).jpg

Rectilux-Moller (2 of 8).jpg

Rectilux with custom lens gear:

Rectilux-Moller (3 of 8).jpg

Rectilux has 72mm filter thread. I have used a variable ND filter with no problems. You can also see the purple coating of the Möller that gives it its signature blue/purple flares:

Rectilux-Moller (4 of 8).jpg

Rectilux + Möller + Coupling Ring + Rectigrip

Rectilux-Moller (8 of 8).jpg

Custom 3D printed pitch gear. I have basically used a longer screw and placed it on top of original gear:

Photo 02-12-2016, 17 31 56.jpg

Redstan clamp:

Photo 02-12-2016, 18 16 04.jpg 

Some screen grabs, oval Bokeh:





Foliage jpeg.jpg

Unbeliever Frame Grab 2jpeg.jpg

Unbeliever Frame Grab 4jpeg.jpg

Unbeliever Frame Grab 5jpeg.jpg

Unbeliever Frame Grabjpeg.jpg

A recap of what I'm selling:

  • Möller Anamorphot 32/2x
  • Rectilux 3FF-S
  • Rectigrip
  • Redstan Clamp
  • Coupling Ring
  • Original screw on clamp
  • Custom Focus Gear for Rectilux
  • Custom 3D printed pitch gear
  • PDF Rectilux owner's manual

I take PayPal and possibly we can do it through eBay but would like to avoid because of ridiculous fees! I'll be posting from France.

If you're interested or have more questions, PM me.



















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