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Ibis on or off for anamorphic 2x shooting?

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I found a small thread that briefly talked about this but it didn't hold any answers so i thought i'd make a new thread.
I'm just wondering what everyone's experiences are with Ibis while shooting anamorphic. 
I got to test out my Kowa 16-H yesterday coupled with a voigtlander 75mm 2.5 on my a7sii and noticed some weird little wobbles in the footage. I was shooting 4k and had Ibis turned on and set to my taking lens focal length, however now i'm thinking I should have either had it completely off or set to half the taking length focal length considering I was shooting at 2x squeeze.
Have any of you more experienced shooters encountered this, any ideas on how to address it?

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IBIS moves the sensor and if the lens is close to vignetting on your A7S II, as the sensor moves the vignetting will move as well.

So maybe try a longer lens with the anamorphic.

And be careful to dial in the right focal length. This might be the source of the problem actually as an anamorphic changes the field of view only horizontally, and the camera won't expect that. If you have the IBIS focal length set to 75mm, try a wider setting such as 50mm.

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