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In a rut / festival tips / actors

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I can tell you at least on actors side, I have two friends who moved to L.A. after they did theater in high school all four years. One of them even got a full grant. The one that got the grant moved back to Atlanta, which now tv and film scene is moving up. He is slowly getting small parts here and there I believe. The other one just finished college there and have a corporate job. So, I don't think moving to L.A. is a big factor, unless you live in the middle of nowhere. Heck, even then I believe you can create amazing stuff. Something from your point of view. Not everybody else in L.A. looking at the same thing. I rambling on just to say keep at it!

P.S. If you live in Atlanta, I'd be willing to pitch in.

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I'm out of likes, so everyone just be aware that I'm thankful :) 


 @Tim Sewell yeah I definitely have to learn how to present my ideas. I have a decent logline I think, but even my two page treatment of my next film doesn't really show some of the interesting bits.. wish I could integrate it all, but is it maybe smarter just to keep it really short by saying the logline basically, and then just flat out saying some of the gimmicks and attractions interwoven? I'll have to researching pitching..

@Chris Oh argh, wish I was in Atlanta! I appreciate that, that would be great. I'm in Iowa, and yeah, I think I'd prefer to stay where I am, but I wanted to be open to any possible advice.

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13 hours ago, IronFilm said:

The difference between a 3 to 7 minute short film and an 80 minute feature is **HUGE** in terms of the amount of work it takes to get finished.

However I do agree about those 20 to 40 minute "shorts" some people make, I find it strange they didn't just go all out and make a feature film instead. 

Well I wasn't exactly comparing making a 3 minute short to an 80 minute movie. Today, the definition of feature length is pretty liberal. People are making no budget movies that come in under an hour and calling them features. They are uploading them to Amazon and are making a little money.

Also, I should have said preproduction work, which is, IMO, the brunt of it with one man band, no budget, shorts and features. If you make a 10 minute short with 3-5 actors and 3-5 locations, even though there is less to film, a lot of the preproduction work would be done if you were to just make an hour feature with 3-5 actors and 3-5 locations. 

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