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5D Mark IV angst, pixturbation, and how I learned to love the bomb.


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On 2 September 2016 at 5:18 AM, dhessel said:

It is not just 1's and 0's it is also hardware. ML runs on the cameras CPU and the CPU simply is not powerful enough to compress the data fast enough. They already know how to do it and have already tried, the camera cannot handle it. It cannot even handle reducing the bit depth down to 10bit which is even less demanding. Compressed raw on the current cameras that can run ML is not going to happen. Chances are it won't be happening on the Mark IV either.

IF ML crack it (which is still a big if), it has almost no scope for being better than Raw on the MKiii... Raw on the MKiii exists right now, so why worry about such things? The MKiii is also half the price.
We get it, everyone wants some magic hack for their camera to materialise, but waiting hopelessly in vein is just wasting time that could be used better with what you already have/ what is already possible.

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