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Ever wondered about the history of screen writing? Wonder no more!

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Thanks for this. I went to my first writing screenseminar at 16 - +20 years ago. i did a bit of writing in college but never pursued it really.

But I remember zoetrope.com, wordplayer.com and johnaugust.com where-in I spent my online life in the 90s.

i don't know how useful they are now, but for me these were the original film-making forums.

Also, just saw a funny moment with Aaron Sorkin being interviewed and the host assumed he knew Proust. Sorkin later said his inspiration was William Goldman and Poetics by Aristotle. Those were the first two 'adult' books I ever read after graduating from Judy Blume and the Hardy Boys. Next was Easy Riders, Raging Bulls...

Anyways, it goes to show that even though we watch The Social Network or Steve Jobs and think there is some intellectual academic behind that dialogue, the writer is really just writing 'fantasy' and is not necessarily 'super-literature-geeky' as the host assumed he was. Sorkin writes to a formula he was taught by the above resources and uses a dictionary, both in interesting and unique ways.

But the dude didn't know Proust. He knew Goldman and The Poetics.

New York Times writer/ editor/ novelist he ain't.

if that's your mark of success.

I wish we all talked about this kind of stuff.

Oh, I didn't read the link... should have done that first, but was excited by the post anyways. Maybe I am speaking out of context. What's new.

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