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Is Vimeo limiting the stats page and try to force the upgrade ?


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I'm a Vimeo Plus member and I just saw that the statistic page has been completely changed today. The new interface is very annoying to navigate and some options are now removed (or I can't find them anymore).

Now some advanced stats options are greyed out with many pop up proposing to upgrade to a "Pro" membership in order to benefit what was previously part of the package in the Plus membership.

For instance, I could check the exact URL source of traffic and this is now only part of the PRO. I hope that I'm missing something here because that would be such a dumb move from Vimeo. Not only I will not get a Pro membership but I'll simply cancel my Plus account and go with Youtube only.




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Never been keen on Vimeo. Can rarely find a thing on there when searching and have to first search via Google. It has always come across to me as an elitist site that wants to keep the riff raff of YouTube away, but in doing so becomes dysfunctional itself.

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Finally found this today after digging on the Vimeo forum. Apparently no one like the new stat page


Hi everyone! Just wanted to update you all on what’s been going on with stats at Vimeo. We recently rolled some additional users into the new stats system and we’re excited to see what you think about the new look and functionality.

You can see our previous update here: vimeo.com/forums/help/topic:280090

Please note that at this time, only members who joined Vimeo on or after January 1, 2015 have been rolled into the new version of stats. If you joined before 2015 you still have the old version of stats.

Along with a sleek new design, we’ve added a bunch of awesome features, some of which were inspired by requests from our community!

For example, Basic members now have the ability to see at-a-glance data on their stats dashboard (vimeo.com/stats).

If you’re a Plus member, you’ll be able to take things a step further and see stats reports for your videos by date, region, device, and source URL.

PRO members get all the functionality above, but in more detail:

-On the region report: country, state and city-level data

-On the device report: breakdown desktop traffic by browser type and version, mobile and tablet traffic by OS and version, and TV traffic by name

-On the source URL report: see stats by the exact URL where your video was embedded

-On the video report: engagement and duration graphs

For the full rundown of features and how to use them, take a look at our FAQ page here: vimeo.com/s/tga

If you have any additional questions, some feedback, or are running into any issues, please feel free to post on the forum thread below, or contact us via email at: vimeo.com/help/contact

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