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Lens choices: NX 45mm 1.8 vs Nikon G 50mm 1.8 vs...?


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I'm looking for a "nifty fifty" lens for my NX1 and was wondering if anyone has prior experience with the Samsung 45mm or the Nikon G 50mm 1.8.
(I have an adapter with aperture control for the Nikon)

I'm mainly interested in the look of the lens wide open, the bokeh and overal appeal of the image.
Other (budget) lens contenders/options are welcome as well.
Very interested to see what other NX1 owners use. Shots/examples are very welcome. :)


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I always use a 16-50mm lens with any camera system I buy specially the ones with a wide aperture, just more multi function I rarely find myself using anything else, I rarely ever need tele but I do find myself needing a wider lens though.

So I am investing in a 10mm and a 12mm one, depend on your shooting style overall I would say, like me I mostly shoot very wide and only rarely do I ever need to zoom for a tight shot. 

But for a nifty fifty lens, I know some say that its good for training to what your eyes see but that is utterly bullshit because I see quite wide but if people see the same field as a 50mm then I dunno. Its extremely restrictive, I cannot find myself shooting like that specially when I shoot indoor in tight places the only option you get is shoot close up of peoples faces because you neither have space to move for a wider shot or space to move around as much.

If you want a really wide lens I REALLY recommend the cine lenses for the NX mount or Nikon mount in fact since you probably do no care about the stabiliser or electronic control I would say go for Rokinon/Samyang/Bower lenses for Nikon mount, since almost all of them are for full frame there are also a few ones for APS-C size sensor for Nikon the really wide ones. 

Now why the heck would you go for these 'cheap' cine lenses, because they are unique, I know a lot of people say they are 'soft' and are overall poor quality but I have not experienced this at all in fact I think they are spoiled by the razor sharp images which is unnatural in my opinion. These lenses give you extreme wide aperture, very good price, built like tanks and I mean full steel body here so be aware of its weight, made in Korea, smooth aperture (If you buy the non-cine lens versions you can get a click aperture) 

Overall, if super wide nifty fifty is our thing, Rokinon/Samyang/Bower is the way to go and get them for Nikon mount with NX to F mount because Samsung killed their cameras this way you ensure your lenses will fit very well with your new cameras since Nikon mount is an universal mount.

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Thanks for the reply John.
For the wide end I already have my Tokina 11-16mm.
I recently got the 30mm F2 Samsung for interviews/talking heads...but this lens is still a bit too wide to give me a nice subject/background separation on larger objects such as cars/large machinery.

That is why I am now looking for a nice 50ish mm lens with good bokeh/ an appealing image.
I find that my Helios 58mm F2 lens is a bit too soft wide open and not really up to the job on the NX1.


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Keep in mind the idea that a 50mm is the "normal average human sight FOV" is only meaningful on a full frame camera. On the NX1 and other super-35/APS-C sensors, it's more like a 70mm FOV, a mild telephoto and more in what was considered a "portrait" range.

I think the little Samsung pancakes are great for steadicam work, where in most cases you're not pulling focus and shooting wider angles at around F4 - 5.6 for focus reasons. The little "kit" zoom is great for this use, since it has very good OIS and the AF can often be useful for these kind of moving shots. You can often find these for $140 or less - kind of a no-brainer for the NX system, even if you have the big S zoom (which could be a pain on smaller steadicam setups). I use the kit zoom for steadicam - I did get a 48-52mm step ring and keep a range of 52mm NDs and a light rubber hood in the Steadicam kit. I prefer 4x4 ND, but being able to screw a 52mm on and keep the rig extremely small is dynamite (I'd rather screw on the proper ND than use a "variable" which isn't actually ND at all).

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