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memory cards for 4k


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Hey all,

Just wondering what memory cards everyone uses for 4k

For a7Sii, NX1, LX100 -- maybe soon the GX85 -- I've been using SanDisk Extreme PRO SD UHS-I SDXC U3 (64 at first now 128gb), but B & H is pretty much sold out for a least a week. These have been flawless. (I moved over to them after I started getting lots of write speed errors on NX1 and LX100 with Transcend R95 W60 MB/s UHS-I -- even though they worked fine at first)

Of course I can order from somewhere else, but I thought to ask if anyone has had any less expensive cards work flawlessly over the long haul.


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I wouldn't chance anything less than what seasoned users were advising to get - some of the cheaper and lesser cards were occasionally failing. Would rather have overkill that always works than slight underkill that could fail once in a hundred shoots. Why scrimp on a few pounds when using thousands of pounds worth of equipment?

The SanDisk 128GB Extreme Pro UHS-I SDXC U3 Memory Card (Class 10) is the only card I will ever buy for my a7sii.


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I had a Kingston 128GB UHS-I which claims 90MB/s, it worked well on my NX1 but when I put it in my Pocket I got serious dropped frames. It turned out this Kinston only has 50MB/s. So I screwed my important moment of life and I have my lesson learned. Sandisks are the right way to go.

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