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Baby Moller 1.5x lens FOR SALE with diopter

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Hey Folks!

My 1.5x baby moller is for sale. It is the focus through version (you only focus your taking lens!), and has a custom built housing and comes with a 0.5 diopter. Some specs:

Rear thread: 55mm
Front thread: 67mm
Mininmal focus distance without diopter: 2m
Minimal focus distance with diopter: from 0,9m to 2.2m
Without vignette from: 28mm (MFT), 50mm (APSC), it works on fullframe as well, but I did not test the min. focal length
Condition: SUPERB!
Shipping from: European Union

Please check out the attached pictures. I also grabbed some snapshots from my latest video (my focus pulling was not the best...). It was shot with the Lumix GH4, Cinelike D profile + Rec 709 LUT in the post, Mitakon lens turbo, Pentax 50mm & Canon 85mm f1.8 mostly set to F4.0 + the moller & UV filter.

In my opinion it is an awesome lens which gives you 2.66:1 as a final result. As you can see it is pretty sharp, some say it's sharp from F1.4, but i found it soft for my taste, and it is also hard to pull focus when wide open. It is a run & gun lens, small, handy and lightweight.

I'm willing to ship the lens worldwide but please note that you are responsible for customs, taxes and other charges.

The price is not set yet, if you are interested, please contact me with your offer! Thank you!















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I'll be honest, I have no idea about the price of this gem. But as I am gathering information about cheap and/or easy to use anamorphics. I would love to see how much is that worth. (Just gathering information right now, I'll start buying anamorphics next autumn)

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