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FilmConvert Workflow?

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11 minutes ago, HelsinkiZim said:

Did you try turning off background rendering? I have had no problems with lag and stutter since I did that with the plug in. Preferences -> Playback.

I would like to know if it helps for others.

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 02.53.53.png


Yeah I turned it off, but it was still an issue anytime I played the clip.

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10 hours ago, mercer said:

The plug in version makes my FCPX run slow and stutter. If you have a powerful computer it probably won't be an issue, probably?

When this happens, do you have other "operations" - (does that make sense?) - waiting for rendering? And do you use 4K footage in a 1080 project/timeline? In such scenarios I sometimes run into these playback issues. If nothing  - or not too much - are waiting to render, the FC plugin usually plays back ok for me.

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Yes, I usually have other clips waiting to render. No, I do not use 4K clips in a 1080p timeline, I convert my 4K clips to 1080p proresLT before I bring them into FCPX. 

The Color Finale clips play fine, but if I have a clip that has Film Convert on it, that clip will stutter during playback, even with rendering turned off. 

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