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Canon C-8 scope 2x anamorphic for sale!

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I am selling a great anamorphic attachment, including a clamp adapter to 49mm and a +3 DHG diopter. The glass is thrilling. Colors are really warm and it can get really sharp when the diafragma is closed. Very smooth flares and focusses really fluently. You get a 3.6:1 ratio out of it. In my opinion it is way better than the known Bolex attachments. Reason for selling it is that I rent Kowa lenses in a set nowadays.

Open to bids from 700 dollars. 

This is the add on the dutch ebay: http://www.marktplaats.nl/wijzigAdvertentie/m1001007585.html?c=d721e818194200feca4409741512b6e6&previousPage=mympSeller

Located in Amsterdam. Local pickup possible. I send internationally. 

email: [email protected] , phone: +31 6 1017 2042

footage shot with a Helios 44m (so would perform even better with a better prime) and the diafragma wasnt closed to the max.


Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 11.29.09.png

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 11.30.48.png

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Thanks from your response. yes, they all are. At least the ones that were meant as projection lenses. Same for the bolex and the iscorama's that are below 2k. the cheapest lens I know that is an independent anamorphic lens that can be mounted to a prime lens is the 3k iscorama.  That one has single focus and is sharp with the prime lens wide open.

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Yes, you are right. But that isnt a baby lens. That thing is huge! The canon is a baby, like the Bolex. 

+ that lens doesnt focus to infinity / can't get even closer than 2.5 meters. 

these lenses/attachments all have their flaws in that they have a certain distance where they focus sharp and get softer quickly when the subject gets closer or further. When you close my canon you could see it as having everything in hyperfocal focus from 1m - infinity. That's where this lens shines. Very very sharp closed down with the diopter.

By the way: the clamp adapter has another step-up ring attached to 52mm. 

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just did a test wide open and all of a sudden I noticed that it does get incredibly sharp, but that the depth of field gets so shallow that you dont see easily on what it focusses. Only used it for landscapes and stages, so never noticed that. I can get a subject at 1 meter very sharp with the prime lens wide open!

You know what? I will try to make a video tomorrow of the sharpness wide open!

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Paired correctly an S8 isn't really that big (bigger than a bolex for sure, mind you that's also a 1.5x). S8 does focus to infinity and can be used as a focus through if stopped down as well. With diopters you can also get as close as you want. With a VD (RF, SLR) you can mod it to infinity and use it wide open, focus from infinity to about a meter.

Not saying your lens isn't good, merely pointing out that there are also other lenses that are sharp wide open.

I also have a similar lens to your Canon but made by Kowa.

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