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Testing "Instagram" for video LUTs

Mattias Burling

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One of the guys behind the looks in Instagram has released a set of LUTs.

Whats great, and also bad, its that they are quick drag-n-drops for Rec709. So little to no adjustment needed. As you can imagine the "vintage" is strong with these. But there are some modern looks as well.
I count at least 5, flipping through them, that will give a very nice base for a modern non vintage and non stualized look (only used one of them in the video, couldn't help myself, went for the Insta Look :) ).
I just played around with them a little today. So don't take it as "finished looks" but more what base for tweaking they would give you.

Some bars and grain and possibly a vignette would probably really make it true "Instagram", but I didn't do it this time,

I plan on using them on NX500 footage which I almost exclusively shoot in standard PP and full auto.
For Log I will stick to my regular grading. (even though Log to Rec709 Luts are included.

BTW: Last time I did this, some where upset so I say it again to clarify. These are LUTs, they are ment to be tweaked. They aren't a quick fix for everything.
The reason I didn't last time, nor this time, tweak to much is because then the viewer will have no idea what part of the grade the LUT stood for.



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2 hours ago, boxtree said:

Hey Mattias I am new to Luts and colour grading, would you say these ascend Luts are the best route for a beginner and are they worth the price?

No they are a bit pricy I think. There are plenty of cheap or free LUTs floating around that might be better to start of with.

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Old thread but its the first time Im using them.
And I think it illustrates why I find these type of Drag-n-Drop LUTs useful from time to time.

This was a pure random, just out of boredom type of point&shoot video. A memory for myself of the time I worked in Poland for a week.
Didnt care about focus, exposure or stability.
Nor do I want to spend any time on grading.
Thats when a quick LUT-slap and some over the top grain is perfect to give it a little feel.
No tweaking no curves, no Lift/Gamma/Gain, just dropped it on and left it at that.


BTW, as always grain is preserved better on Vimeo.


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