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Horizontal banding on my brand new NX1 in 4K


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Trying out some Nikorr lenses (with adapters) on my brand new Samsung NX1 and I see 4-5 light/dark bands across the screen when I hit record. They are visible on the lcd and on the recorded video. While not recording, there are no bands. There are no bands in 1080p video only in the 4k modes. Any idea what's going on?  Is this a defective camera?



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Andrew, I just checked, running the camera indoors in Shutter priority at 1/60 for 30p completely removed the banding. I was running it in full 'M' mode before. 1/60 at 24p also great with no banding.  Plus the picture looks really nice. I really appreciate your help.


p.s. Once I set the shutter to 1/60 in Shutter priority, I could switch to Aperture priority or full manual and the shutter stays at 1/60. Sounds like I encountered a bug where the shutter was kind of in 'auto' mode before I set it.

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Guest Ebrahim Saadawi

The banding/flickr you encountred is something to do with the shutter speed of the camera vs the light hz rate available. In anyway not gettting complicated: whenever you find yourself with it on an important shoot, just cycle through shutter speed in fine increments until you get rid of it. This works for me all the time. 

Btw keep an eye on it on important shots as it's impossile to fix in post. It happens on all cameras, but some cameras five a finer adjustment to shutter like Sony/Canon camcorders or Canon MLto get rid of the issue without affecting the shutter speed too much, for me a 1/50s to 1/55s does the trick or so. Anyway lesa than ideal motion (even if you had to ahoot at 1/100s vs the normal 1/50s is far less destroying than banding/flickr. 

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Helen on dpreview says that this might be a result of using the electronic shutter:

"With certain (but far from all) modern artificial lighting, you can get a series of horizontal, shadowy bands at certain shutter speeds when using the silent electronic shutter because it exposes in a rolling sequence. The bands show up at fast shutter speeds well above the flicker rate of the lights, and at speeds a little slower that are out of sync with the flicker rate. If the slower speeds are in sync with the flicker rate, the bands don't appear.  Lights typically flicker at 60 Hz in the US but 50 Hz in the UK where I am, so it could affect the precise number of shadowy bands you see according to where you live (not sure). Seeing 5 bands means the electronic shutter takes about 1/20 sec to expose the whole frame; 7 bands means it's nearer to 1/13 (these are from memory so excuse any slight wanderings from exact figures). At present, just a very few cameras can go faster than this on electronic shutter."

It's tricky to diagnose this on the nx1 I'm guessing because the electronic first curtain sounds similar to the mechanical shutter.

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