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  1. Andrew, I thought he meant he'd be offline for months when I first read this post. Then, I realized he is using european date/time so it's only 3 days. No biggie. I vote to allow him to continue.
  2. Yes, and quite a few of their friends....I think it's all fine. they are kids..
  3. I agree, it would be harsh but I cannot for the life of me figure out why he would not want to divulge ANY info. Very peculiar behaviour even for a young person. I've had kids and I know they can act strange at times but quite often that strangeness is usually attributed to one of the popular 'disorders'. Again, no negative connotation intended. It just is what it is.
  4. I am just psyched if this is true. I expect some great footage out of the NX1 with raw especially if it improves on the known issues like ISO noise in video (which we all assumed was due to the noise reduction algos), rolling shutter, etc.
  5. What if Samsung already had Raw capability in there but in their infinite wisdom decided to compress to H265 to differentiate itself from competitors and to also allow for smaller SD cards to be used? Don't forget, at the time of designing the NX1 SD card capacity barely reached 32GB and speeds were much lower than today. RAW probably requires really fast cards. Theoretically RAW is what should coming out 1st and then compressed so having RAW is probably in there already.
  6. What are the implications of raw shooting in the nx1? Are you getting full readout? Is rolling shutter effect lessened? Video ISO noise? Is it still an issue over 3200? Thx p.s. Did this involve poking values into registers/memory locations or were you able to recompile the firmware?
  7. Did you have to pay insane s&h? It was like $30 for the $57 cage.....They shipped from Taiwan.
  8. Thought I'd drop this https://news.samsung.com/global/samsung-electronics-introduces-the-evo-plus-256gb-microsd-card-with-the-highest-capacity-in-its-class right here
  9. Can we make a sticky with links to the latest versions of all the hacks, etc? Maybe edit the 1st post in the thread and add all the links to latest there. Thx
  10. If I may chime in here. The ideal interface for me would be to drop some files in the sd with names like 4KMax.config, 1080pMax.config for example. The GUI should just get all the file names that end in .config and show them as options. I pick one and the settings from within that .config file are applied. This way, the system could be made very flexible and extensible and people can share settings. The file should probably be in a human-readable format like json. I am very interested in bumping up the HEVC bitrate to whatever maximum is allowed. I think that will improve the image quality a lot. My PCs have high end GPUs so I am not worried about decoding. I am prepared to contribute $$$ to the effort as well.
  11. Thanks, I just requested it as well. The one you're pointing to is pretty locked down. The important stuff comes in binary format not source code.
  12. Very interesting, I wonder if the firmware can execute on this VM
  13. One way to see what is going on would be to be able to have a development kit. Like an emulator for the camera firmware to run on. Not sure if such a beast ever existed
  14. I meant 4K cropped, that should require no processing. Theoretically possible but there may be tons of things changed between revisions. Did the really bump up the max bitrate in 1.4? I thought it's been the same since the initial release. Also, if the firmware is not signed, then the binary could theoretically be modified with a hex editor.
  15. It's 35MB for 28MP and that equates to 6.5K video. 2/3 of that would be 4k which would make the bandwidth about 23.3MB. and let's do 25 fps, comes out to 582MB. Still too much.
  16. It's all about the codec parameters. They chose file size over detail. They could have made it so that the user could choose.
  17. Early update, I scoured the source archive looking for any hints of where the HEVC bitrate may be defined. I did not see anything. I did not see any evidence of the camera UI in there either. There are a few binary folders and that means that some parts are just delivered compiled already and not in source code which means they will be hard, if not impossible to modify.
  18. If we have the full source code everything is doable as long as the hardware can handle it. I can't go into much detail on a web post but basically we can try changing parameters in the source code, then try it. If it doesn't work, try different values. Rinse and repeat until it works. It also depends on how clean the source code is. If it is well documented, the job would be easier. Downloading it as we speak but from what I've read, it probably contains only the open source components as Samsung is required buy the licensing to release any changes they made to the open source components.
  19. Quick google search for "Samsung Tizen firmware camera" brought me to this article http://www.tizenexperts.com/2015/08/samsung-nx1-smart-camera-software-firmware-updated-to-version-v-1-40/ There is a post by a gentleman named Nabil who claims to have made the camera record 6K at 240fps in 'debug' mode. We probably need to contact him. p.s. I am downloading an NX1.zip file from here: http://opensource.samsung.com/reception/receptionSub.do?method=sub&sub=T&menu_item=photography&classification1=digital cameras Not sure if it's the full OS for the NX1.
  20. Guys, I am developer but being a developer is different than being a hacker. A developer works with tools that give them the functionality they need. A hacker may have to invent tools for platforms where such tools are not readily available. If we had a publically available SDK and a method to sign and upload the firmware onto the NX1 I am sure I could make changes to it.
  21. n.m. found it on page 6. Those shots look amazing as well. Very impressed with what you're doing with the NX1. I am going to try your settings this weekend.
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