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Best picture profile for GH4?

Daniel Acuña

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So I'll be filming a short film in a few days. I am replacing a friend so I don't have a lot of time before de shooting begins to do all the tests that I need, as I've never shot with a GH4. 

So I am trying to know the best settings for filming with the GH4, considering that I will be doing a light grade afterwards (using LUTs) and that the skin tones are my priority. I'll also be shooting in 1080p. Il be confronted to alls sorts of conditions : Day/Night Int/Ext. 

So basically I just want a nice looking image overall, that I'll be able to grade a bit afterwards. 


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Cine D with minus 3 sharpness, minus 5 noise reduction, minus 5 saturation is a pretty good all arounder. It is a kind of semi flat profile which can be manipulated a decent amount. There is at least one free lut out there specifically for Cine D.

V Log is a bit risky without testing first, but it has the best potential. Be careful not to underexpose.

Edit: I don't film people so listen to Matt below as skintones isn't something I considered.

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V-LOG so far showed best skintones though. With well lit skin that is. You wouldn't really want to use it in lowlight though and doesn't make much sense to use on gloomy days either. So more of a specific than standard go-to profile.

Always felt like Natural and dialing everything down quite a bit (just saturation not that much) looked great. But maybe you're a supertone person. 'Best settings' is something quite subjective. Depends on the scene, what you're willing to sacrifice to get a certain something and what look you're going for/like. I'm afraid there isn't really an universal setting. Best to try a couple of popular recommended profiles and find what works for you.

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Andrew's log LUT looked promising. Maybe not the best choice for dynamic range, but emulating C-log, in theory it should be nice to work with and easy to expose properly in camera with a contrasy look. Wish there were more tests with it to say wether it's entirely reliable.

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Recording internally:

If your scenes will be lit and you'll have some control over ratios, I would try the Leeming LUT workflow:


This uses a specific tweaking of Cine-D, ETTR, and a custom LUT to correct to more pleasing colors. I've only shot with it once so far, very briefly but it seems pretty nice.

Otherwise I stick to Natural with most everything at -3 or -4. 

Recording externally, to 10-bit, I would use V-Log , and experiment with one of the many LUTs available for it. In particular the Film Convert profile seems very nice.

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Also, absolutely shoot in 4K, unless you need slomo, or the slightly lesser crop of the 1080p mode. 4K is much cleaner than the 1080p mode, which can show some moire & aliasing sometimes. If using a recorder that'll only do 1080p, use the option in the GH4's HDMI menu to scale the 4K down to 1080p.

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