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[FS] B&H Projection Anamorphic - Focus Modded


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Hi All - I'm selling a B&H Projection Lens which I've had modded at SK Grimes to allow for smooth rack focusing. £750 including insured delivery in the UK. It is a single focus lens. Here's the pics:





SK Grimes rehoused the front element diopter so now it can close focus to at least 20 inches and it would be simple to attach a follow focus gear. Focus from near to far is approx 400 degrees, leaving lots of room for subtle focus pulls.

It has a 58mm front thread for filters etc and I'll throw in the pictured Redstan XL clamp and step up rings I've been using to attach it to my Nikons.


Quick n dirty rack focus here - password: olaf

(5D II Raw 1344x1120, Nikon 105mm 2.5 @5.6, no grading)


The Good

  • Pretty pretty pretty image. Like, really pretty. It has a lovely look to the defocus areas and is as sharp as the taking lens you throw at it. 
  • In terms of usability, it is the real deal. It is single focus, it just works. 
  • Optics are clean and good on the front and rear anamorphic block. There is a very small cleaning mark on the diopter which I can't see effecting image quality and I certainly can't photograph it.
  • Flares are controllable, but cool and blue if you want to force it.
  • In terms of value, if you are looking to get started straight away with a 2x single focus unit then this is a solid alternative to Iscos or adding a Rangefinder etc to something else.

The Bad

  • The widest taking lens I've been able to use with these is a 105mm on a FF cam, which gives you a horizontal FOV roughly the same as a 50mm on a 5D, A7S etc. You still do get a vignette if you shoot 16x9 but you can either crop off the sides or shoot in a windowed RAW mode (hint: do this) to solve this. Alternatively, you can use a wide-angle adapter to get a wider image.

Couple Notes on Usage

  • The sweet spot on this lens seems to be 85mm or 105mm on APS-C sensors. My 7D (RIP) in raw gave a brilliant portraity / close-up shot through this lens. FF anamorphic is a BIG look but to be honest, the depth of field is so shallow that I'd rather use a smaller sensor cam.
  • On some lenses you get better results in terms of focus from backing the taking lens a little off of infinity. Not exactly sure why this is but I assume it is to do with the distance between the taking lens and anamorphic, which is always slightly different with different lenses. If I had time I'd have looked more closely at this, but as it is no big deal in practice I left it as an enigma.

Two Final Things

  • I am not the guy selling disguised versions of these on eBay, he is in the US and I'm in the UK. His mod results in a push-pull focus, whereas the work I've had done gives you a standard rotate-to-focus system.
  • I totally love Bold's DIY mod that he is doing on his lens, so this is not an attempt to steal his thunder or bogart on his hard work. But at the same time, I can't leave this hanging around on the shelf doing nothing when I'm basically going to be shooting BTS stills and run and gun doc stuff all next year. I love DIY projects but I had neither the time or expertise to do what he is doing, hence I sent it off to have it done professionally and to a far higher standard than I could ever do. If it doesn't sell at this price I'm going to keep it for a rainy day. 


Let me know if you have any questions or if you want me to shoot something specific!


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Respectfully, I'm afraid I disagree! The value in this lens is mostly in the modification.

If you are looking for a single-focus, close-focusing 2x anamorphic, your other options are in the same ball park price wise:

A Kowa 8-Z/16H/B&H is £275-£400 depending on condition, plus a Rectilux (£595) is around £875-£1000. A Cinelux (£200-£300) plus a Focus Module (£475) is around £675-775. A  Bausch-Lomb / Sankor / Proskar etc (£100-200) plus clamps (£75), plus an SLR Magic Rangefinder (£550) is around £675-775.

All of these, and my B&H, have their own pros and cons but if the price is not for you then absolutely fair enough. 


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I agree.  this little lens is a great setup - you;ve rectified it's only flaw with this mod.  And i imagine the hassle of getting it to sk grimes and back, as well as his work cost a pretty penny.

The strong english pound isnt gonna help things for your sale, but as a 'character' anamorphic lens the b+h can't be beat IMO.  having quick focus mod on it makes it rather tasty - particularly for users of the bmpcc and gh4


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Yeah, it's always feels a little bit like one is running up a hill when it comes to the pound and exchange rates. I'd have to check to be sure, but I reckon after purchasing the lens, shipping, taxes, import duty, the mod itself and the adapters I basically selling it for what it cost me.

It ain't going to appeal to anyone back across the water but someone in UK might feel the need for a little organic loveliness in their image.

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