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best way to deal with sunlight with the gh2?


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i take one of those keffiyeh scarves with me if it's really sunny. i drape it over my head/camera, and i got myself a nice little 'hood' so i can see the lcd screen. i might look like a total goober, but whatever, it works. if you go that route, i'd suggest getting one of the green/black ones; the white/black ones might keep you a bit cooler in warmer weather, but doesn't help much in blocking light. any big-ish, dark cloth would work

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The built-in EVF is the best. It is even better than the Zacuto EVF, and way better than the EVF of the GH3. But: 


> the eyepiece doesn't cover the eye.

> you can't press the camera close enough to the face to get extra stabilization during shooting video.


My self-built solutions were:



This is a rubber piece you put beneath your bathroom sink and the tube (I didn't know the correct german name, let alone the english name). It costs cents and needs to be cut at the backside to fit over the GH2s eyepiece. However, the rubber is not very soft, so it doesn't feel comfortable. Later I did this:




This is the eyepiece of an ancient Super 8 camera that was sold on ebay as defect. The camera was 1€, the shipping 3€.

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Merry Christmas!


Last time I filmed in a hot sunny country I also found the sunlight distracting when trying to use the evf.

It's basically due to lack of proper eyepiece as mentioned above and positioning on camera.


Next time I travel I'm going to try a magnifying eyepiece on the led screen as you have mentioned above.

I bought two from ebay.

They are pretty much identical apart from how they attach to the camera.

They both have a metal frame.

One frame is permanently glued around the led screen.

The other attaches via the 1/4" thread on the bottom of the camera.


There are two problems with the glued on version.

1) People have said in hot weather the glue stops working. It gets to soft and frame falls off the camera.

2) Once attached you cannot fold the led screen back to face the camera. It won't close. I didn't like this idea as you could damage the screen when traveling.


I could find a glue on version made for the GH2

Ebay Item 270838451545


But not the screw mounted type so had to modify one for use with the GH2.

Ebay Item 160702665861


I opted to use the second choice


Here are the results below.






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The LCD on the GH2 doesn't give you an accurate representation of what you'll be getting out of the camera. The gamma shift is an issue. The EVF doesn't have gamma issues, at least from what I've noticed, so it's more accurate for white balancing etc. I use my LCD, but mainly to focus after I adjust everything with the EVF.

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Well I am thinking that it would be better to get something to cover the EVF instead. As said above, the LCD isn't great for representation.


I need exactly what Axel has. You should sell those Axel. Any idea where to get something like that (blocks the sun so you can use your EVF) online ?

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My big problem with using a viewfinder on the GH2 is having to use the LCD. I guess it's okay for focusing, but I really want something to judge exposure. I need an olld eyepiece like Axel.


Although I have the GH3 now, I keep the GH2, mainly for the reason that it has this better viewfinder. Right now I plan to make a new eyepiece. I bought a hotshoe-adapter, and my idea is to shove an eyepiece on the hotshoe with 1 cm distance to the EVF, covering it perfectly, and really soft. 


Imho, the GH2s display is not sufficient for focussing, and the magnifiers shown above don't look ergonomic. But to 'judge exposure' there is great tool that never fails: The histogram.

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