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Kind of off topic but as the Rangefinder is discussed here I should mention the SLR Magic Rangefinder with Imperial markings is in 77mm thread (http://www.adorama.com/SLRRCA.html) and works directly on our 1.33x and 2x Anamorphot adapters with 77mm front thread. Please note our Rangefinder in 72mm with Near/Normal markings (http://www.ebay.com/itm/SLR-Magic-Rangefinder-adapter-72mm-for-Anamorphic-clamps-/262129589075?hash=item3d08241b53:g:xnwAAOSw7hRWO72Y) does NOT work with our 1.33x and 2x Anamorphot adapters. If you use step-down ring there may be vignetting. The 72mm version would work for 72mm thread Anamorphic Clamps.

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72mm version vignettes at 5K, maybe because none of the projection lenses does, and  LA 7200 works Ok too, i was expecting it will will be fine , nope;

it works OK in 2x ana mode, but i don't like it, it cuts the sides of the image;

     Dear Andrew, any of the new SLR Magic anamorphic lenses cover 5 or 6K?

Thank you!

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Sorry Andrew, didn't want to confuse you, i didn't use LA7200 with rangefinder, i just mentioned it as an example, in s35 at 5k it doesn't vignette, as well as Kowa 16h or ISCO ultra star, from 50mm and up; and putting rangefinder on kowa 16H creates strong vignette, without rangefinder kowa, or blue star , or ultra star don't vignette,
 but this is in 16;9, switching to 2x anamorphic mode fixes this vignette, but as i said i don't like that mode and prefer 3,5:1, but well;

shot some test tonight, 'human feces' will be the next test, but i like this glass. a bit too heavy, i would accept hard plastic framing, cuz for anamorphic setup it is a lens+adapter+rangefinder, gets heavy and bulky, i know, i know, real anamorphics are huge and heavy, just thinking out loud;

So, dear Andrew, are any of new SLR Magic anamorphic lenses cover 5 or 6k, because if they do that would be awesome.



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i never use zoom lenses with anamorphic adapters :))), but i always  try to shoot with fast glass, 1.4 prime stopped down is f2.8 and 2.8 prime stopped down is f4, ,and when it's dark  it's nice to have faster lens. a lot of DPs shoot wide open even when there is enough light:))), i like it too;

Thanks Andrew, i am looking forward to to try them all, and see what they can do :))


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