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A look at the new GoPro Hero 3 iPhone app - iPhone as wireless monitor and remote control

Andrew Reid

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The Contour Cam has some nice video software for free... The Contour Storyteller Software.. http://store.contour.com/ae/international/storyteller/icat/storyteller/

is there something comparable from GoPro at the Moment. I think the new GoPro HD Hero3 rocks all other Helmet Cameras at the moment...

Not having stabilization still baffles me. I'll be interested to see how it works on the Sony product

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Long time lurker, 1st time poster: I had the Sony Action Cam & promptly Ebayed it once the GoPro3 was announced. After 2 months of trying to get the black edition shipped to the UAE, I'm a happy camper. My uses are mainly for music vids, and I have had mine in the water over the past couple of days. I'm currently using the GoPro along with a hacked GH2 (but have the GH3 on preorder). Also eyeballing the MFT BMC... Shot some 1080 footage at 60 and some 720 at 120 on the GoPro, just to see how it'll look once conformed on a 24 timeline...The new iPhone app is pretty slick and the buggy Sony version is laughable in comparison. Looking forward to reading Andrew's future GoPro tips. I spend way too much time at eoshd, and find it an invaluable resource. :)

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I used this in Monaco recently for a shoot. The real-time feed to the iPhone app has a huge delay, and keeps dropping out, so it's really just for shot setting. Also it seems to have a range of about a meter!


Also the camera crashed a lot, the battery died very quickly and it seemed to have a bit of a mind of its own! We got what we needed, but it did fight us a little...

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