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do i need to add the Pan 20mm lens?

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Shooting 70% video 30% Stills. In and outside. On a budget.

If you already had these:

14-140mm  f4 pan
12mm - 54mm f2.8  oly
12mm f1.6 slr magic

How valuable would it be to add the 20mm pancake?
I understand it is a very good lense. But given i would have the 12mm for low light usage and wide. And the OLY for portraits and general lower lite use. Zoom for outdoors. Compactness is not a need. Dont use AF.  Seems like he only thing the 20mm would add would be some extra bokeh at 20mm?

So get the 20mm? Or something else like an old cheap 35mm? Thoughts?

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You are defiantly missing shallow DOF and low light performance at anything other than wide angle.

The 20mm will be a good buy, but there are other alternatives.

25mm F1.4 c-mounts

35mm F2 Canon FD

35mm F1.4 Samyang

25mm Lumix Leica F1.4

Voigltander Nokton 25mm F1.4

Lots of others... Search between 25mm and 35mm on eBay with aperture better than or equal to F2.

The 20mm pancake is very good, but quite clinical - not as characterful in the bokeh department as others.

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