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  1. changes from version 1: - the rings both turn in the SAME direction now - $50 price increase ($550 ) - added CINE to name  :-\ otherwise i think it identical
  2. I am about to order a filter set for my 12mm slr magic. Now they recommend a stepup to 77mm to avoid vignetting. But is a thin filter also required or is regular thickness ok?
  3. i had this same problem with my adapter. there is a little metal finger that sticks up. You have to slide this to the side and hold it there as you put the lens into the adapter. Then the aperture works perfectly on the lens. strange but true  ;)
  4. 50 is a bit narrow if thats all you have for low lite film use IMHO. And you already have the canon 50. I prefer something wider for lower light film use. So I just got the Magic myself. you didnt mean the voigt 25 did you?
  5. Got my lens today. Also got a small gift from them as an apology for the slight delay. Overall I am happy with the company.  :) Lens looks very nice. Very solid construction.
  6. There is also the question of image "stlye" or "character". You should look at images comparing the two and see if you find the Magic images substantially more to your liking - or not.  :)
  7. anyone received a 12mm lens from them lately? I have not received my lens after quite a wait and they have not replied to email fpr several days which is unusual for them.. a bit worriesome :(
  8. need a c-mount adapter fro gh2,  which is best ? I know thickness is important. our friend ciciero doesnt make one
  9. Funny i just got done researching this. I am on a budget but want pretty good quality, not junk. You can create your own variable ND by stacking 2 polarizers. Then you have both ND and polarizer for one price. [url=http://www.dimagemaker.com/2008/02/23/using-crossed-polarizers-for-a-variable-nd-filter/]http://www.dimagemaker.com/2008/02/23/using-crossed-polarizers-for-a-variable-nd-filter/[/url] According to tests, best polarizer for the money is the Marumi DHG Super line. 2 of these is about $160 on AMAZON. But that covers [u]both[/u] your ND and polarizing needs. Great deal and tests show this is as good as much more expensive filters. Will be thicker than a single filter so might need to get bigger filters to prevent vignetting with extreme wide angle lens. If you dont want to DIY, according to tests, best buy in a [u]reasonably[/u] priced variable ND is this one ($125): [url=http://specialcameraservice.com/49-fader-nd-mark-ii]http://specialcameraservice.com/49-fader-nd-mark-ii[/url] But then you will also need to buy additional polarizer. I'm DIY  ;D
  10. I want to create a DIY adjustable ND filter by stacking a Marumi DHG Super Circular Polarizer and a linear polarizer on an 58-77 adapter. Will this cause vignetting on this lense? Anyone tried this?
  11. slr magic 12mm F1.6 $499 agree with canon 1.4  :)
  12. I think Slr Magic was going to make an adapter. Sent them an email asking about it never got a reply. So how are others mounting ND filters?
  13. Shooting 70% video 30% Stills. In and outside. On a budget. If you already had these: 14-140mm  f4 pan 12mm - 54mm f2.8  oly 12mm f1.6 slr magic How valuable would it be to add the 20mm pancake? I understand it is a very good lense. But given i would have the 12mm for low light usage and wide. And the OLY for portraits and general lower lite use. Zoom for outdoors. Compactness is not a need. Dont use AF.  Seems like he only thing the 20mm would add would be some extra bokeh at 20mm? So get the 20mm? Or something else like an old cheap 35mm? Thoughts?
  14. so can Vegas STUDIO handle the high rate hacked videos ? if not how about PRO? this is on hig-end windows machine.
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